Letter | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han ★★★★

 Storyline: ★★★☆
 Characters: ★★★★☆
 Writing style: ★★★★

Dear Lara Jean,

First, let me tell you about this letter. I never wrote letters before, but then you and your love letter debacle came along. It gave me an idea, so now I’m writing you this in the middle of the night at my parents’ house. My reasons for writing this letter are similar to your reasons for writing your love letters. I could never send them anyway, just like you wouldn’t. It’s a way of closure, to put my mind at ease.

Lara Jean. Lara Jean. Isn’t that the most perfect name ever? It sounds so nice when said out loud. I’m a little jealous of that, I have to admit. I’m also a bit jealous of your family. I know it’s not perfect, but mine is even less perfect. Let me just say this. I think you and your family are adorable. I have a sister too, but we aren’t as close as we were when growing up. Lara Jean, we are so different from each other, and I think I’m more like Margot than I am like you, but still I wish I could be a little more like you. You, with your cute outfits, your fun hobbies, but most of all I wish I was able to talk the way you do. To say what you think and ask personal questions without being afraid or to be weird about it. I hold things in. I keep them in a locked box, heavily guarded in my head and never let them out.

I don’t have much experience with love, so I guess my opinion doesn’t matter much. But I think that you and Peter are good together, not perfect, but good. No relationship is perfect, but you guys complement each other, you make each other into your better selves. And the thing about Josh… I get where it’s coming from, I truly do. The idea of something, or somebody can have a grip on someone. A fantasy is easier to live in than reality sometimes. I’m a bit like you in the sense that I dwell too much on the ‘what if’s and the ‘maybe’s. There’s this guy from university, and sometimes I think I have a crush on him, but I think that’s not it. It’s just an idea in my head that gets the better of me sometimes. It’s never going to be something. Ever. It’s a bit like you and Josh.

At the end of summer, I’ll be moving out from my parents’ home to a room near my university. It’s exciting, but scary. But I guess I should stop being afraid, just like you. So thank you for the life lessons.

Oh, and by the way, I think ‘quirky in a cute way’ is one of my favourite compliments from now on. I know you don’t think that way about it, but quirky is good. It means you are not plain and you stay true to yourself. So please do stay quirky, because you wouldn’t be you without it.

Take care,

Your friend

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