Letter | The Kiss Of Deception

The Kiss Of Deception by Mary E. Pearson ★★★★

Storyline: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★☆
Writing style: ★★★★

Dear Lia,

I like to imagine that the world you’re living in is on a different planet, somewhere across the stars, far away from earth. I do that a lot, imagine things. You do too I guess, because otherwise you wouldn’t have left. I think that when you left, you were more afraid to live a life you didn’t want to live, than you did it out of principle or spite. You grew up from a girl who did not want anything more than to remove the words ‘duty’ and ‘tradition’ out of her vocabulary, to a young woman who is strong and fierce. You will always get through it, whatever comes in your way. The thing I admire most about you is that you always see the good in people. Even if they might not always act to it, if you could look in their hearts, there would be a sparkle of light and compassion. Lia, don’t ever lose your compassion.

It may sound weird but for a long time I thought Rafe was the assassin, and Caden the prince. It just seemed more logical like that, Rafe just sounds like an assassin’s name. When I found out I was wrong, right about the time you got taken, I was so confused, but I soon realized the puzzle pieces in my head fitted much better together like that.

I truly believe that you and Rafe could change the world. You are both strong people and together you can take on anything. No more war, but peace and safety. You might not think you are fitted to be a princess, but you are. You have everything a good ruler should have and even more.

But please, do not ever kiss Caden ever again. Yes, that was ever twice, just to make it clear. I just wanted to punch him in the face when he tried. He thinks he’s doing the right thing, but he’s not. If he really liked (or maybe even loved) you, he should put you above everything. I also know why both of them fell for you, how can you not?

You are at a difficult position right now, you and Rafe, but I bet you, you are going to get out of it. You will survive, and you will get back home.

Take care,

Your friend

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