Letter | I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore ★★★★

Story line: ★★★★☆
Characters: ★★★★☆
Writing style: ★★★

Dear John, or Four or whatever you are called now,

I can’t imagine how alone you must have felt, you can never share your life story with anyone but Henri. And every time you made a friend, you had to run. Again, and again your life got shook up and thrown upside down. Until Sarah came along. I know why you fell for her, if I had been you I would have too. I always imagine her as Dianna Argon, and god I love her so much. Keep her. Cherish her. She’s precious and should be protected. Please do the same for Sam though.

Can I just say, I think your Legacies are awesome. I mean who did not dream of super powers when growing up? And you have got them. But that also means you have to use them, and that is dangerous. Having Mogadorians on your tail every step, having to hide and run for them your entire life. And knowing that you will be the first they kill if they find you. It must be horrible. How do you keep your head up? I guess you are used to it. I don’t want to say I pity you, but I do.

Six members of the Garde left, against an entire race of Mogadorians. To be honest it doesn’t sound promising. But together you can stay strong, I guess. I wonder, why is it that they want you dead. Do they just want the entire Lorien race dead or are they really afraid of you? Because that would mean that you do have a chance of winning.

I wonder how you and Sarah would work out. Since Loriens grow up to be two hundred years, does that mean that you grow up slower? Or is it just that after you’ve aged to look like an old human, you just continue, or stop aging? However you see it, it means that you and Sarah would never grow old and die of old age together. And it makes me sad. You deserve to be together forever and ever. It just works between the two of you, even if you are from a different planet and a different race. What’s the secret? Is there a secret to finding real love? If so, you should tell me sometimes, because that would make things so much easier. Maybe it’s just luck.

Take care,


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