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Hello peasants, this is your queen speaking. Welcome to Liber Orbis1. There has to be some new rules set, and I will give them to you with the use of these 7 questions.

1which is literally book world in Latin but nobody knows that, right?

If I were the Ruler of Books…
1.  What book would you make everyone read?

I would want something inspirational and that makes wonder_cover_artpeople think, something that makes everybody a little bit of a better person. I know it, this is going to be such a nice realm, like Amity of divergent, everybody smiles and is kind. Big goals here haha

So I am going to go with one of the books I read in high school and it touched me. It is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This children’s book is about a little boy with a facial deformity, he has Treacher Collins syndrome and has been home schooled. But then his parents decide that he has to go to school, at first it goes well, he has friends but after a while he struggles and gets bullied. The story is told from multiple perspectives and it will make you sad and happy and it will teach you things about prejudice, self-acceptance and bullying and it is just wonderful (see what I did there)

2. What would you abolish in book construction?

I would abolish different formats and covers, so there have to be standard sizes. Maybe like paperback, pocket, hardcover and that’s it. No in-between sizes, everything just straight and neat. And all covers in a series have to match. It’s a new law guys! It’s not that I do mind it a lot, that they’re not matching in size and cover but it would look so damn pretty on my shelves just to have them all line up.

3. What author would you commission to write you any book?

This one is kind of hard, I don’t have a favourite author but maybe Marissa Meyer or Laini Taylor?

4. What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?

50 Shades of Gray. It’s been banned. No more misogynistic sex dungeons. It’s not okay.

5. What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?17234658

The one who designed the cover of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. IT IS STUNNING. Apparently the artists name is Craig Shields and the design is done by Elizabeth Clark. I do want a similar type of mural though; I love the whole idea behind it. You can more info about this cover and other concept covers that just didn’t make the cut here.

6. What characters’ face would you put on a coin?

Uhm me of course, duh I’m the queen of book world. No let’s not do that haha, I wouldn’t want to pay anymore if every coin has my face on it. But I guess I would have servants to pay for me. I will pick a character, it will be Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles, because she is going to be the queen of Luna and Earth I guess. I can’t wait to read Winter so no spoilers please! (I bet you Cinder and I will be best friends, she can’t ignore me if I have her face on a coin *evil laughter*)

7. What book would you award the “Ruler of Books” 2016 Prize to?

Does it have to be a book of 2016? Wait, I’m the ruler, I can choose! I choose Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, because that book deserves the price of best plot twist. I just reread it and oh my, it is so good.

So that’s the end of the Queen of Books Tag which has been made Ariel Bissett and you can find her video here. I had fun, I hope you had fun too. Have a nice day in Liber Orbis!

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