Dear Cia | Graduation Day

Graduation Day (The Testing #3) by Joelle Charbonneau ★★★★ Afbeeldingsresultaat voor graduation day joelle charbonneau

Story line: ★★★★☆
Characters: ★★★☆
Writing style: ★★★


Dear Cia,

It’s been eight months since you left home, eight months in which so much has happened. You have passed every single test they threw at you. You have trusted the wrong, and the right people. You’ve been through so much and I don’t know where to start, or whether to start at all. You probably don’t want to hear about the deaths and the horrors, so let’s just leave that for what it is. The past. The future is much more important now.

What do you suppose to do when the testing is dismantled? There has to be some kind of test, because there have to be good leaders. Leaving it to elections or politics wouldn’t work. You can see that in the US right now, people can pick between a horrible leader and an even worse one. Politics isn’t facts, it’s 90% how you appear to be and 10% how you are. You know what they say, the people who don’t want to lead are often the ones who are best at it.

The idea behind the testing is good, but the way it is executed has gone horribly wrong. Isn’t it better if the leader does not make the decisions on their own? Maybe a group will be better? Then everybody’s flaws will cancel out I think.

It still wonders me how on earth you still got time to do homework. I’m sure it is not easy, but it seems to be. You go to classes, meet with friends, eat, go to your internship, do your homework and sleep every night. You have more classes than any student! Do you even sleep? It seems so impossible.

While I’m writing this, I am in France. Of which I am not sure it still exists in your world. I do hope so, because it will be a waste to never be able to see this beautiful country. We left not even a week ago, and will be staying for at least two weeks. Do you ever go on vacation? I guess it rarely happens. I hope that, now you’re home, you’ve got some more time on your hands to travel. That is, if you’re not too busy with improving the world.

Take care,


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