Dear Lizzy | Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Aust18300267en ★★★★★

Story Line ★★★★★
Characters ★★★★★
Writing Style ★★★★

Dear Lizzie,

I hope it’s okay that I call you that. I could use Elizabeth or Eliza if you prefer so. I think only your closest friends call you Lizzie. I do wish to become one of them, for I came to grow quite fond of you. Hearing about all of your life and all that happened, makes me intrigued of the way of life in your time. Since we do live in a few centuries apart, the world has changed drastically. I do believe that you are, in a way of speech and manners ahead of your time. I think the modern-day Elizabeth would be feministic and individualistic. And I would love to meet her.

Congratulations on your marriage, on having found love and not setting on a marriage based on prosperity. Since that seems to be happening so often. I guess that without marriage, there is no income for woman. What still wonders me is where that money is coming from. Do men (or woman) not work? It seems to be that all money comes from parents, who also do not seem to have a job. For me it is possible to make my own money and not depend on anybody for my income. I don’t even have to marry! I’m not sure whether I want to, but I guess I will see when I’m older. Although I am almost your age and my sister is Lydia’s age. If she were to marry at 16 it would have been seen absolutely ridiculous. Everything below the age of twenty-five (of five and twenty as you would say) is considered too young to marry, when the opposite is true for your era. I wish all the best for Lydia, because I think she needs it most. You and Darcy, and Jane and Bingley will be fine I think. You fit so well together. But poor Lydia, I think she is much too childish and immature to have made such a rash decision. I think that when she’s older she will not be happy with her decision. But that is something she will have to work out for herself.

You have quite the family, with four sisters and your father and mother. It must be crazy growing up with so many girls. I wouldn’t be stand all the chatter! Did your father not go mad? I think I resemble Jane a bit, for I do not show my feelings easily myself. Your mother does remind a little of my own mother. She too does like to chat about everything and nothing and can’t help but complain a lot. And she does not realize that she is embarrassing us sometimes. But I guess that happens with all mothers.

According to the definition of an accomplished woman, I think accomplished woman are extremely rare. Nobody can do all these things! I can’t at least. Okay I can sew (a little), knit, draw, but I can’t paint, sing or play the piano. In my time, and accomplished woman would be something else entirely. It would be an independent woman who has finished her education, has a high achieving job, is creative, smart and is reasoned in expressing her opinions. And maybe even more good qualities. I am now studying at a university, which would be extraordinary in your time, but it is quite normal in the 21th century.

I am travelling in France, and today we went to a river. I think you would love it. It was so pretty. I wish you could be here to see it.

Take care,



I read this book for the Austentations Book Club, organized by Zoë from readbyzoe.

5 thoughts on “Dear Lizzy | Pride and Prejudice

  1. Wow I really loved this, it is a very creative way to discuss a book! I’m also in the Austentatious Book Club. I think writing letters to characters is a very unique thing and I really enjoyed reading it 🙂


  2. Hello, Lia! I clicked on the link you shared on the Austentatious Book Club. It must be so therapeutic for you to write letters like these to fictional characters — brilliant idea! I daresay we would make great pen-pals, you and me, as I love writing letters too. But no one would reply to me and that is not satisfying at all. I guess I might as well write letters to fictional characters too!

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    1. Hi! I am currently not writing a lot of letters, because I don’t feel like it at this moment. But I would love to read your letters! I never met anyone who writes to fictional characters before so I think it would be really interesting to see how others would do it 🙂

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