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So this tag is made by Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff and you can find her post here.

The idea is that you determine what your Harry Potter life will look like using four books from your shelves. Then you use these books to answer eight questions. Let’s get started!

My four books are:

  1. Ten thousand skies above you – Claudia Gray
  2. Dreams of gods and monsters – Liani Taylor
  3. Legend – Marie Lu
  4. Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children – Ransom Riggs

The questions

  1. Your wand

Open book 1 at a random page. The first noun you see will be what your wand is made of

Bodies.. Out of all things, bodies??! What the hell, what do I have to make of that? Maybe I can cheat a little and say that it is bones? A little less creepy than having multiple bodies in a wand..

  1. Your pet

Does book 2 have animals? One of those animals will now be your pet. If the book doesn’t have any animals, then I’m sorry but your pet-less. 

Dreams of Gods and Monsters is partly taking place in Eretz and partly in Earth but there aren’t really any pets in the story. Chimeara’s don’t count as pets I think. But the stormhunters might count. I want a stormhunter as a pet!! OMG that would be awesome!

  1. Your Hogwarts house

Open book 3 at a random page. Whatever House you’d think the character’s name you first see belongs to, is your House

Day is probably a Gryffindor, or maybe Slytherin. I mean you have to be brave to be a mastermind criminal, but he is also really smart so that suggests Ravenclaw. On the other side, he does not read or study or anything so I think I have to go with Gryffindor.

  1. Make your golden trio complete

Open book 4 at a random page. The first two names will be your best friends and complete your squad. If there’s only one name at said page, open another random page.

I got Millard and Hugh! That’s so cool. If you remember Millard is the invisible boy and Hugh is bee boy (the kid with bees in his stomach). For some reason I can really picture the peculiar children in the wizarding world, I mean if magic is possible maybe peculiar children are just a product of magic.

  1. Your head of house

Open book 1 at a random page. The first name you’ll see will be your Head of House

Theo, he seems like a cool Head of House. He’s really smart and quite funny (and handsome I presume). He doesn’t seem like the type of person that will punish you or sends you to the teachers if you’re wandering in the halls at night.

  1. Your ‘Draco Malfoy’

Naturally you’ll need your arch nemesis/school rival. Open book 2 at a random page, the first name you’ll see will be your enemy.

Liraz.. She’s the very headstrong, grumpy Seraph, who’s practically Akiva’s sister. Makes sense though, but I think we will get over it in the end. We will just glare mad at each other for a few years and then she’ll meet Siri and she’ll change her mind about me. I’m sure.

  1. Your patronus

Open book 3 at a random page. The first living creature you’ll see will be your Patronus

Ollie the dog from June in Legend. I don’t really know much about Ollie, but dogs are always cool.

  1. Will you win the house cup?

How many pages does book 4 have? That’s how many points you’ll House have at the end of the school year. If the book has more than … pages it will have won the Cup, congrats!

It has only 382 so I think that isn’t enough to win L. I don’t know what the limit is, it’s not given?


I think my life is pretty good. Okay I got a wand made out of bodies but beside that? With my two best friends and a stormhunter as a pet nothing can go wrong!



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4 thoughts on “Tag | My Harry Potter Life

  1. Aaaah I forgot to fill in the number of pages (I changed it now). I was going to write 400 but for some reason I forgot? Anyway thanks for doing my tag – hope you enjoyed it! Though your wand is a bit creepy, your Harry Potter life sounds awesome 🙂

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