Back To School | Top 10 Tuesday + personal

Top 10 Tuesday is a feature that is designed by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks theme is Back To School Freebie, which means I can do anything related to school.

As you might or might not know, I am going to start my third year of university (it’s called your junior year in the US I think) in about a week. But instead of the usual preparations, which isn’t much beside buying a diary and notebook, I will be moving. That means that I won’t have to travel over three hours a day to get to and from university! YAY! It’s all very exciting, but costs a lot of preparation, time and money. I have to buy so many things, but I also have to move them to my new home town. So I hope everything will go as planned.

Now back to the topic, books. This top ten will consist of the best books to read for required reading. In Holland we have to pick books from a list, so you can decide for yourself which books you do and which books you don’t read. We had to read about 12 books in Dutch, and to be honest I didn’t like any of them. Okay maybe one or two, but I didn’t like them enough to reread them. I don’t like Dutch Literature, and I love English literature. All the English books I had to read (about 6) I liked (or even loved) all of them. So today I will be sharing my favourite books to read for English literature.

Must read classics

18300267Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alice's adventures in wonderlandAfbeeldingsresultaat voor jane eyre charlotte bronte

These books I didn’t read for school, except for Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. But I recently read Pride & Prejudice and I absolutely loved it so I am going to try to read more classics in the future.

Will make you think

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor anthem ayn randAfbeeldingsresultaat voor 1984 george orwellAfbeeldingsresultaat voor animal farm george orwell

These books will make you think and make you reconsider your life. It will change the way you see things.

Beautiful and slightly disturbing

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor room emma donoghueAfbeeldingsresultaat voor never let me go ishiguroAfbeeldingsresultaat voor the other hand chris cleave

These pretty books are not only very beautiful, but also heartbreaking. They are often not what you expect them to be, especially Never Let Me Go and The Other Hand. They both have a secret to them, they’re mysterious. I was allowed to read these books for school but I am not sure that they are considered by many schools as required reading.

My favourite book

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor extremely loud and incredibly close jonathan safran foer

Does that need explanation? It is wonderful. My absolute favourite. It is about a young boy living in New York, who lost his dad in 9/11. He finds a key and crosses all of the city to find the lock, to try to find answers about the death of his father. He is smart and funny and will make you cry and smile, and sometimes even smile through your tears.

What are your favourite books you read for school?

Let me hear your thoughts!

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