Dear Zuzana | Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #3) by Laini Taylor ★★★★★Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dreams of gods and monsters 

Story line ★★★★★
Characters ★★★★★
Writing style ★★★★★


Dear Zuzana,

The things you’d do for a friend… Okay maybe also for yourself. Because let’s be honest, you love it. You threw yourself in the line of fire of a war that wasn’t even yours to fight. A war between two species that you did not ever know a month before! To find yourself in a different world, without knowing the people or the language. You don’t have Chimeara blood or Seraph blood, but you could be one of them and you act like it.

I love that you are always light, you bring light when the world is dark. You know exactly what to say to make the hardest moments bearable and sometimes even make people smile through their tears. These little games you make up can always make every moment better. I’ve been thinking a long time about my three wishes, and that is pretty hard, because I am not really the wishing type. I am usually quite content with everything, and if not I don’t know if some thing can make it much better. I think it’s better to accept a situation if you can’t change it, then to wish for something better. But I’ll try. My three wishes will be; one, an infinite library of books, or maybe just the right book when I want it, two, to be able to master any skill with little effort and three, world peace. If that isn’t too much to ask. It probably is.

I’m so curious to all the other worlds that are out there. There’s Earth and Eretz and probably many many more. If there are portals to Eretz, there are also portals to other worlds I guess. I wonder how many birds or planes flew in one of the portals and found themselves confused and lost in an unknown land. And think of all the stories and places! So many wonders are yet to discover. Akiva and Karou are also a wonder. The love that split the world and mended it back together. Their love story might become a legend one day but you and Mik should be too. The Puppet maker and the Violinist. It sounds like a title already.

It all seems so simple, the two of you. You never seem to fight, or even quarrel. I think you are perfect to each other. I can already imagine your future together. You will travel the worlds and bring along pretty things that you will later sell in your little shop in Prague. And all the way Mik will play on the violin. You will get a little kid, maybe two or three, and at some point one of them will ask where papa and mama are going when they’re “going to see Karou”. You will visit her so often and see the Chimeara and Seraphs united and building a new world. A beautiful world with love and happiness.

Take care,


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