My TV Show Recommendations | Top 10 Tuesday

In this weekly returning post I discuss a what my top ten favourite books/series/anything are. This weeks top ten will be 10 of my favourite TV shows. The designer of TTT is the broke and the bookish. Instead of one top ten I will be doing two, one of series I love and one of series I still want to watch. So let’s get into it!

I love Sherlock, Supernatural and Doctor Who, but since almost everybody knows these already, I will not include them in my top 10. I will instead discuss lesser known series.

Series I love (in no particular order):

  1. iZombie – Okay zombies do sound lame, but this series is actually really fun! I love the main character Liv, she’s training to be a docter until she turns into a zombie. She then gets a job in the morgue to get access to brains. Every time she eats a brain, she gets memories and skills of the victim, and she helps to solve crimes using this info. It’s really good!
  2. The Flash – Superheroes! I am not really a fan of many superhero things, but this series caught my attention (okay Grant Gustin caught my attention 😉 ).
  3. Grimm – So much action so much awesomeness! I love my heroes that can fight like hell. Nick’s a detective, but he’s also a Grimm, which means he can see wesen, which are creatures that have a human form but transform into animal-like monsters. Grimm’s are supposed to kill the wesen, but not all of them are bad.
  4. Firefly – I actually started watching this because Nathan Fillion has the main part. It’s sci-fi, but different from many sci-fi series. The series is about Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew on spaceship Serenity. They float around space and commit crimes in order to survive and at the same time keeping out of the hands of the Alliance (the government). But there are only 14 episodes 😦
  5. Merlin – Magic, dragons, kings, princes and a servent who has to save the prince time after time without revealing his magic.
  6. Once Upon A Time – Fairy tales! I love them, and now they’re real. A bunch of fairy tale characters living in Storybrooke, a little town in Maine, and they’ve all forgotten their real lives, names etc.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I just started watching this last week, and I have become addicted! It’s a comedy series about the police force of nine-nine.
  8. Shadowhunters – Of course I have to watch the series of the Mortal Instruments! Okay it wasn’t off with a very good start, but it has gotten better and I bet next seasons going to be great.
  9. Supergirl – Again superheroes! I started watching The Flash (nr 2 in this list) because of Supergirl. There was a crossover and Grant just stole my heart.
  10. The Big Bang Theory – It’s kinda over-the-top, I know, but it can make me laugh on the worst days, and trust me there are not many things that can do that.

Okay it turns out that 10 series is quite a lot so I will just be doing 5. Series I still need to watch:

  1. 12 Monkeys – I don’t know much about this except that it’s action-packed, and is about time-travel in an apocalyptic world. The trailer looked so good!
  2. Stranger Things – I have to admit, I have not seen it yet. To be honest, I don’t know why. I really don’t. The series became popular a few months ago and I wanted to watch it from the moment I heard of it, but just didn’t.
  3. Torchwood – More from the Doctor Who universe! Always welcome!
  4. Outlander – Time-travel, that’s about it. I don’t know much more than that it’s about someone travelling to the past.
  5. Sleepy Hollow – About a guy who has dies ages ago and cut of someone’s head, and then they come alive in the 21th century? That’s all I got from the trailer. It does looks really good (and a little scary too)

Have you watched any of these series? What are your favourites? And what is missing form my list?

5 thoughts on “My TV Show Recommendations | Top 10 Tuesday

    1. I really need to just watch Stranger Things because I know it will be awesome and probably addictive.
      You’ve got a lot to catch up on OUAT, do you like it so far?

      Liked by 1 person

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