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Story line ★★
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Dear Morton,

Sorry but I’m not going to call you Ort, I think Morton is just much prettier. I’m sorry about your father (and you chicken). You may think that Henry is a good “replacement” of you dad, but I don’t agree. He might fill up the hole that your dad used to fill, but he’s definitely not good for you all. Okay, he taught you about God and religion, and that might give you some peace, but beside that he doesn’t do yo much good. I don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t mean I think believers are stupid or silly. I think believing that everything has a meaning and everybody has a fate can make your life much easier to understand.

So far your experience with high school hasn’t been good, and that’s really sad. My experience was luckily a lot better. But it will get better in the end, or maybe even sooner. In a while you will not be a first-year (or a melon as you call it) anymore and the older students will pass their attention to the new melons. So don’t give up, and try to make some friends. Because sometimes, if you’re lucky, the friends you make in high school will stick with you forever.

Your sister is a bit troublesome and maybe that’s just a phase of being a teenager. But it probably is caused by a lack of attention. She is at a problematic age, and talking about your feelings is not-done. Try to show her that you care, not by grand gestures, but by small acts of kindness. And please don’t push her into doing things she doesn’t want, because that will push her away. Just let her be her. Let her make her own mistakes, but always be there to catch her when she falls.

Your life is pretty rough right now, but don’t give up. Because trust me, it will get better. Maybe not right now, but in time. Be patient.

Take care,


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