Dear Day | Legend

Legend by Marie Lu ★★★★9275658 

Story line ★★★★
World building ★★
Characters ★★★★
Writing style ★★★

Dear Day,

It still strikes me as odd that June was so incredibly blind to the cruelties of the government. I mean, she’s just about the smartest person there is, and she notices every. single. thing. How can she miss such a thing? But I guess, people are blind to everything that contradicts their beliefs. Anyway, I’m happy she changed her opinions and beliefs.

Why do you have to do the test when you’re 10 years old? It’s so young! When I was ten, I wasn’t smart. Okay I performed well on tests and read a lot, but does that make me smart? How can a test you do when you are 10 years old predict how well you do in life? Even though the kids didn’t go to the work camps as was told, sending them off to work away from their family is horrible. They’re just kids! The alternative is even worse. Who is that cold-hearted to kill ten-year old children that did nothing wrong but to fail a test?! Luckily you escaped, but your fate wasn’t much better. Living on the streets, all alone with no roof over your head… How did you survive?

Okay, enough with the bad stuff. You are still alive, so that’s a good thing. And you’re not alone anymore. There’s still no roof over you head, but that will come. Some day.

Take care,


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