Bloggers’ House Cup First Task


As you might now, Anthony from AVeryAwkwardBlog is hosting a community game called the Bloggers’ House Cup. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll explain it right away. This game is very Harry Potter-y because you get sorted into one of the four houses (Gryffindraft, Ravenclick, Hufflepost and Slikerin) of Blogwarts School of Wordcraft and Bloggery. You get tasks and can win points for your house. And  I got sorted into Gryffindraft! Okay I have to admit I did not see that coming either. I always thought of myself as a Ravenclaw or maybe a mix of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with it because the people are awesome! Yeah I’m looking at you my fellow Gryffindrafts!

The last few weeks we have been working super hard to finish the first task, which was called Magically Musical. The task was to write a theme song for the house, record it and create a video.

Now I can proudly show you the result of our hard work and dedication:

*Drum roll*

You can still join if you want! Click here for more info (maybe you get sorted in Gryffindraft as well 🙂 )

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