New and Unknown Songs I Love

Earlier today I posted that I wanted to talk about other things than books, so here I am posting about music. My favourite genre in music is Indie, Rock and Folk and every combination of those genres. So if you have recommendations, please let me know! Some of the songs people once recommended to me, are now my favourites and I still listen to them at least once a week. In this list there will be four songs that I think very few people actually know and I think are amazing. I originally wanted to do 5 but I couldn’t come up with the fifth song, so there’s four.

  1. Shadow Wind by Dotan

This song came out in August, but I only found out a few days ago. The song is by Dotan, which is a Dutch musician. I’m not really into Dutch music normally, which might sound weird because I live in Holland, but usually the Dutch music isn’t really my taste. But I love Dotan! I love the whole vibe and his voice. If you like this song you should definitely look up Home and the rest of his album called 7 Layers.

By the way I have had this song stuck in my head at least half the day, I just love it so much. I can’t stand that I had the opportunity to see him perform live and I didn’t go. I wouldn’t waste another chance!

2. Reality by Passport to Stockholm

I know the Youtube video says it came out in 2015, but Spotify says it came out only 7 days ago. It has only about 500 views?? The band is so good I love them, they deserve so much more views! There are only a few songs on youtube, but there are a lot more on Spotify, and they don’t have an album yet, only singles and EPs. I’m really curious to see how they will develop themselves.

3. Kids by OneRepublic

I used to listen to OneRepublic a lot a couple of years ago, so when I heard they had new music, of course I needed to look it up. I actually like this song a lot, but I prefer the accoustic version.  Again that version of the song is only available on Spotify.

4. Glory by Bastille

You might have heard about Bastille’s new album. I love it. So far I have loved every single Bastille song I have ever heard. Yes even the very alternative weird ones with rap and old soundtracks. And you might not know this but I HATE rap music. But still Bastille has made it amazing. I might have said in the past that Bastille is genius, and I still agree. Again great music by an great band.

What are you listening to?

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