Blogger’s House Cup | Second & Third Task

o3rlbexIt’s been a few weeks since my last update, and since then we’ve done two tasks. If you don’t recall what the Blogger’s House Cup is, I’ll explain it for you. The Blogger’s House Cup is a community game hosted by Anthony from AVeryAwkwardBlog. Basically you get sorted in a house (Gryffindraft, Hufflepost, Ravenclick and Slikerin) and together with your housemates you will do tasks. I have no clue how many there actually are, but we will start our fourth task soon.

The first task was to create a house-song, unfortunately we became last (our song still rocks though!). You can read about it and check out our video here. The second task was a scavengers hunt, and that was a lot of fun! We had to take pictures of 64 different items, some were were easy and some were harder. We managed to get about 61 items from the list and this gave us a 3rd place. There is not much to show here because I don’t think you want to see all of those pictures, but you can see the list here.

The third task was my favourite so far. The task was called Magick Most Evile and was to create a book with seven spells, a front cover and back cover. We thought of pretty cool theme, which is muggle-borns that integrate magic and technology. And the end-result has become very pretty, if I can be so selfish to say so. I’m so proud of us!

Above you can see three pages from the book. See our entire book here!

Go Gryffindrafts!

8 thoughts on “Blogger’s House Cup | Second & Third Task

    1. Most of it is done by hand, the texture of the paper is made using tea, the drawings are handmade and it is merged (and slightly edited) using photoshop, then we added text.

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