10 Things I learned about Blogging

Since I started blogging about 3 months ago, a lot has changed, not only in my life but also in my blogging style. Since yesterday I officially got 50 followers on wordpress and I am really thankful for that, SO THANK YOU GUYS! I hope you all like my blog and you can always contact me if you want to talk 🙂

In these past months I’ve learned a lot and therefore the following list: 10 things I’ve learned from blogging!

  1. You should write about things you love, otherwise it will feel like you “have to” write, and it will become forced.
  2. The blogging community wakes up when I’m going to bed. This has probably to do with time-zones, but my statistics say that the posts I write late at night are viewed more often. Statistics don’t lie!
  3. People don’t actually read a lot of reviews. Not that I read a lot of reviews, so no pressure, but my reviews are often less viewed than other posts. Maybe there is some relation with point 2 on this list.
  4. Commenting is a lot of fun. It also helps you to gain followers and find new blogs to follow. I love getting comments and talking to all of you!
  5. My brain is more creative at night. The words seem to come more easily at night and when I’m in bed at night I usually get at least five different post ideas that I then forget. I actually bought a notebook to write all my ideas and plans down.
  6. Reading and reviewing ARCs is a lot of fun and actually not that hard to do.
  7. Blog posts don’t have to be long. Sometimes I see a very long blog post and then it all starts to look like a newspaper article and my brain starts protesting. I prefer writing and reading shorter posts.
  8. Gaining followers is really hard in the beginning. It’s like you’re an island in a sea of blogs, but the problem is you don’t have any docks. So the people wont find your island. Once you start building docks, people start noticing you’re there. In this analogy of course the docks are connections/friends. (Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense I thought it up last night and it was really late)
  9. Reading is not a waste of time!
  10. The blogging community is amazing! You are all so nice!!!

What have you learned from blogging?

16 thoughts on “10 Things I learned about Blogging

  1. I have learned that it is okay to share your opinion, most of the time there are also people who thought that way or they can see where you are coming from. I love the blogging community as well, everyone is so nice and because of blogging you will connect with people who share the same passion, whom you wouldn’t have met on another site or off the internet.

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  2. We love the blogging community too! Everyone is so kind and accepting and finding WordPress has definitely helped us connect to likeminded people. Congratulations on 50 followers, we just stumbled across your blog recently and love it!


  3. Great list! I’ve learned that blogging is so freaking time consuming!! I didn’t realize that when I started. I read less now that I’m blogging.

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      1. I spend more time blog hopping and commenting and checking my WordPress reader and writing blog posts and making post images… less time to read! Lol. Thanks for the post 😊

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  4. Love this post, I’ve learned to only blog about what you love too, nobody wants to read about something that you’ve been forced to write, write because you want to and because you enjoy it!

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