Photography news – I’ve got instagram!

I was supposed to do homework today, but I didn’t. Instead I spent almost my entire morning reading, my afternoon building a website and evening twittering and creating an instagram account. Yes, I have instagram now!

I am planning to do the 30-day book challenge, starting from tomorrow. I got inspired because of the beautiful autumn weather today, it was so pretty outside I just had to go out and take pictures.

30-day challenge.jpg

Here are some (older) pictures that I just posted. If you like, you can follow me on lost_in_a_story, I will follow back!

About the other thing I did today, I finally made a photography portfolio. As you might know, I am also an photography lover and I am actually part of a photography club. So if you’re curious take a look: You can follow me, but I don’t think I will blog on there, but maybe I’ll post a few pictures every now and then.

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