Short Story Society | The Rules


This December I am hosting an awesome project called Short Story Society. For those who haven’t heard about it I’ll explain it: Short Story Society will be a short-story writing group. During this project the participants (which includes me) will write one story each every week. Every week we will have a theme. The project takes place in December and the beginning of January (because otherwise we won’t have enough time). In our little group you can share tips, help each other out and get inspired. The goal is to write 5 stories before the end of the project!

The Rules

  • You should write the story yourself (no plagiarism!)
  • Write the story within the given time
  • If you don’t have time to write, it’s of course no problem to skip a week. This is a pressure free zone!
  • The story should be longer than a thousand words (but no novels please!)
  • Keep the theme in mind, try to find a way to incorporate it in your story.
  • Be nice to each other! Comment on each other’s stories, and help each other out when they have a problem.
  • Destructive criticism is forbidden. There is nothing worse than having something you worked really hard on be completely crushed by someone else. If I see anyone do this, there will be consequences.

I have already gathered some awesome people who want to join, but you can still join of course! Comment below if you want to participate! The more the merrier!

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18 thoughts on “Short Story Society | The Rules

      1. There’s absolutely no need to have a certain level of writing-skills. I don’t even have a lot of writing experience writing myself. Everybody can join, as long as you want to get better at writing and enjoy it.
        Your stories are great btw!

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