How I survive studying


Seriously my motivation is there, but my attention keeps drifting away. I need to study. I don’t feel like I know it all well enough and my first exam is in two days.

Usually my exam preparation consist of a few stages:

  • *I’ve got enough time to study, I still have like three weeks*
  • *WAIT NO I DON’T* Panic
  • Planning
  • *Everything’s going to be fine*
  • Prepare + study
  • *Never mind I’m gonna die*
  • Panic
  • Planning (again because my last planning was way too full and I can’t keep up)
  • StuDIE
  • *Where is my motivation??*
  • Exams
  • *Oh that went actually quite okay*
  • *Please tell me I didn’t fail the class*

Four things that make it a bit more manageable:

  • Studying with friends

I really like studying together because you can help each other out and it is much more fun. We skype to go through our summaries together, or we just meet up at school and work together. The only disadvantage is that I have one more exam than my friends, which is the exam that is on Monday. Which means that if we meet, it is about one of the other two exams and I need more time to study for the first one, because I am stressing out about that one!

  • Music

I listen pretty much all day to Walking on Cars and Dotan, I live for Shadow Wind by Dotan. I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH ❤

  • Flash cards

This is my favourite way of studying. It takes me a lot of time (A LOT!), I write down all the key words and explanations and usually print them. I wrote them out once that is so much work! I cut out the cards and get to testing myself. If I know a card I move it to another pile and you can basically see yourself progressing. I love that part. But even better is that you actually know them by heart when you’ve finished. I have learned about 300 key words in just a few days so often, it is wonderful 🙂

Sadly I can’t do that for the classes I’m doing right now, and I’m a bit too late to even get started.

  • The breaks

Haha *cries*

How do you survive studying?

9 thoughts on “How I survive studying

  1. I used to make a recap from every chapter I had to learn, that helped for me. Luckily I don’t have to do that anymore. Now I have to write a report on the goals per competence, to complete it. And for this internship that is 31 goals…

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      1. Thank you! It is and some reports/assignments are the same for every internship, so it is a bit hard to find the motivation to do it… 😅


  2. Hi Lia,
    I still study, mostly for classes I audit in universities in and around Chicago. Auditing comes with a set of norms that include no active participation in class, no grades, and no credit for the course. Nevertheless, I still take the exams in my own little vacuum and study for them as though they counted.
    I am in complete agreement with your recommendations. When I did study for credit I enjoyed sharing thoughts and interpretations in study groups. But now that I audit classes I’m like that old fly on the wall, and there are no other flies to exchange ideas with outside the class.
    Like you I am also an avid fiction reader and have just become a fan of yours.
    With thanks, Rich.

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    1. Thanks for you comment! Great that you still take classes even though you don’t get graded, learning is always very important for me.


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