Frenched | A Short Review


Lara from The Heathen organized an awesome project called “Blind Date with a Book”, and basically this means that you do a quiz, which gives you a book and you have to read it. The book I got was Frenched by Melanie Harlow. You can find more info here.

Frenched (Mia and Lucas) by [Harlow, Melanie]When I got dumped by my stupid fiance a week before the wedding, my plans involved nothing more than ice cream, a blanket fort, and a bonfire of his possessions.

But my friends convinced me that bitter tastes better drowned in Bordeaux, so I came to Paris for a single-moon.

Then I met him. He’s shown me things I’ve never seen before, and I’m not talking about the Louvre.

Is it just the seduction of Paris? Or could this be the real thing?

If you’d like to read my initial reaction, you can find it here.

My first impression of this book wasn’t very good, and it appears that I was right. This is just not my type of book, and here’s why:

  • Sex. It’s freaking everywhere. It feels like you can’t read a page or chapter without there being made any reference to. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it being talked or written about, but I do if it’s basically half the book. It’s literally porn in a book. This is also the reason why I kept skimming over parts (and mind me there are a lot of parts), I just wasn’t interested. I read this 300+ pages book in about two hours.
  • Beside the whole sex part, there is very little story in the book. The story is about Mia who goes to Paris after her fiancé left her, falls in love with another guy, has a lot of sex, breaks up, get back together, happily ever after. The End. (well kind of there is probably no happily ever after yet because there are sequels).
  • At the beginning I thought Mia was quite annoying, because she kept moping over her ex and her wedding that is now destroyed. If you ask me she was just a crying toddler/princess, who just wanted everything her way or she would get mad. She got better eventually, at least a little.

I gave this book ★★, because of the reasons mentioned earlier. I do like that I at least tried a new genre, but now I know for sure that it isn’t for me. I’ll just go back to my innocent love stories 🙂

6 thoughts on “Frenched | A Short Review

  1. Omg that’s horrible 😂🔫 I’m so sorry, the other books are way better than this. This was the bad book 😞 I hate books that have so much sex. In fact I skip sex scenes in books now, just not appealing to me sigh. Thanks for participating though. Next time I’ll do a much better research in my book selection 💖

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