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This December I am hosting an awesome project called Short Story Society. For those who haven’t heard about it I’ll explain it: Short Story Society will be a short-story writing group. During this project the participants (which includes me) will write one story each every week. Every week we will have a theme. The project takes place in December and the beginning of January (because otherwise we won’t have enough time). In our little group you can share tips, help each other out and get inspired. The goal is to write 5 stories before the end of the project!

First of all, the project starts on December first, this is the date on which I post the first theme. For the rest of the month the schedule will look like this:

Start to work on story 1  01/12
Deadline story 1  07/12
Start to work on story 2  08/12
Deadline story 2  14/12
Start to work on story 3  15/12
Deadline story 3  21/12
Start to work on story 4  22/12
Deadline story 4  28/12
Start to work on story 5  29/01
Deadline story 5  04/01

If this turns out to be too tight, we can of course loosen it up a little.

These “Start to work on …” dates mean that I will post the theme of the week on that day, so please don’t start working in advance. Furthermore, these deadlines mean that on that day you should (or should have, earlier is okay) posted your story. This can be on your own blog, but if you don’t like that, you can of course post it somewhere else and send us the link. You can for example upload it to dropbox and share the link.

On Fridays, so on 02/12, 09/12, 16/12, 23/12 and on 30/01, we will have a twitter brainstorm session. If you don’t have twitter it would be nice to make one, but if you don’t want to, there’s no pressure! During the twitter brainstorm session we will discuss ideas and try to get inspired. The sessions will be held at 19:00 my time so 6pm UTC.

One week beforehand on Friday (25/11) there will be a get-to-know-each-other chat, at the same time as the regular chats. Tag along with #shortstorysociety! My twitter is Lost_In_A_Story

I have already gathered some awesome people who want to join, but you can still join of course! Comment below if you want to participate! The more the merrier!

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