Writing & some questions for you

Next month starts Short Story Society and this month it’s NaNoWriMo, so I’m really in the writing mood. I’ve been trying since the start of this month, because I’m not doing NaNo, to write every day at least a little. So far I’ve been trying not to write full stories or a book or anything, just short scenes of different characters in different situations. The scenes are a few hundred words long and I really like writing it so far.

I’ve also been working on my short story, which is a bit longer, but there’s this one thing that I can’t seem to figure out. It’s really annoying because it is so close to being finished.

So my question for you is, would you like to read my scribbles and stories? And if yes, where should I post them?

Another thing I’ve been considering is doing daily or weekly quotes. I love quotes and I have so many beautiful ones I want to share with you.

If you have great prompts (or websites/blogs/anything with prompts) please tell me, I can always use the extra inspiration!

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