Scribbled Scenes November #2: Prepare for Take-Off

“Your highness,” it sounds through the speaker, “if you don’t turn around right away, we will be forced to…”. With a sharp movement, she pushes a button and the room is quiet again. For a second she just enjoys the silence, but then she stretches her fingers and starts typing, pushing buttons and flipping switches.

“Prepare for take-off,” she says in the intercom. She isn’t actually taking off because she is already up and flying, but this is too much fun to skip. “IQ8, keep a hold on something, this will get rough.” A self-confident smile arises on her pretty face. A few final buttons are punched, while behind her a feminine voice with a hint of robotics sounds: “Yes, ma’am.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, my name is Aurora, not ma’am?!” But it was lost in the sound of the machines blaring as the ship suddenly speeds forward. The stars that were first dots far away in the endless universe, are now forming stripes of light and movement. With the speed of sound the ship moves through the vast space. In the corner of the princess’ eye she sees the ships of the royal house fading before they are gone entirely. She sighs. “Well, let’s hope we’ll never see those ever again.”

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