Scribbled Scenes November #6: Nightmare

I’m there, I’m always there. I’m the shadow at the dark corner of the room. I’m in the periphery of your eye. I’m the monstrous angel on your shoulder, always seeing what you’re seeing. You just don’t see me. You humans never do.

Because, why would you?

Sometimes I show myself. When you’re asleep, I creep in. It is very easy to do so; all your guards are down. You’re in a state of total comfort, every muscle in your body relaxed. That’s when it’s easiest. I creep in your dreams, dreams of lightness and happiness, and create darkness as easy as a flip of a switch. Your body tenses, your eyelids flutter and you start to sweat. Just a little, but not enough to wake you up, because that is how I survive. I live on the fear of others, and what’s scarier than a nightmare?

2 thoughts on “Scribbled Scenes November #6: Nightmare

  1. So I just binge read all your scribbled scenes and oh my god! I love them. All of them are amazing. Some put a smile on my face and some of them make me want to know what happens next. I love this series. Great work. ❤️❤️❤️

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