Scribbled Scenes November #8: Darkness

It was early in the afternoon as the darkness fell. Not the kind of slow darkness caused by the sun being on the other side of the planet, but the kind that is sudden, suffocating and electrifying. The clouds rolled in from the West, dark and threatening. It all started with the wind, it shifted. Just a little, you could barely notice it. But the animals knew, the birds stopped singing and the rest ran off to their nests and holes.

Things like this never happened in this small town, nothing happened at all, really. The kids were playing at the lake, the parents were smiling, the elderly happy. Everything was perfect.

At least, that’s what it looked like. People hid their fears, their problems. They pretended they weren’t there, because maybe if you deny it’s there, it’ll somehow disappear. But things weren’t that simple, they never were.

As the clouds made their way to the town, people started staring up in disbelief. But they didn’t move, they didn’t do anything. Just standing there until the clouds were thick and opaque. Waiting for something. Something that didn’t come. Because nothing ever happened after that.

I am really curious if you guys understand what I meant with the ending because it’s pretty vague.

11 thoughts on “Scribbled Scenes November #8: Darkness

      1. Ahahah, I love your writing, and everything makes sense to me. I get the same issue, it makes sense to me but sometimes I wonder it it makes sense to anyone else! I can’t wait to see what you write next!

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