This is a happy post

It’s a shitty day. I think it was clear from my twitter feed what my opinion is on the matter, so I’m not going to go into it. I’m sad, I’m disappointed, but you know what? The world keeps spinning. And sometimes what’s most important is to keep going, no matter what happens. Therefore I will not be focusing on the bad things that happened today, but I’ll share some happy things.

First off, today I heard that I passed the class I didn’t think I would pass!!! I studied for the exam but the exam was really hard. But I made it! Only one more exam to go, which is tomorrow, and I think I will pass that one as well. At least I’ve studied hard and know most of the things I should know. Only one more evening of die-hard studying and just making that exam and then I have a well-deserved 3 day vacation (Okay that’s just pathetic…)

But here are some things that make me happy:

  • Getting a compliment (especially from someone you don’t know)
  • Singing a song and just random dancing through the room
  • Getting a message from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  • Kittens! (and puppies!)
  • Being proud of yourself
  • Reading a wonderful book
  • That moment when everything goes your way
  • When you’re lucky
  • Getting a good grade
  • Reading other people’s blogs, comment on it and talk to them
  • Getting a comment on your own blog (seriously every time my heart makes this little jump and I instantly smile)
  • People appreciating your opinion and actually listen to what you have to say
  • Hugs
  • Laughing about random things with your friends
  • Watching a silly video (preferably about animals doing something cute)
  • Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  • Chocolate
  • High fives
  • Seeing the sun rise or set
  • Christmas
  • Cake!
  • Achieving a goal
  • Smiles and kindness

I made a playlist called Keep Your Head Up and it always helps me, so if you’re interested it’s here.

Spread the love! What makes you happy?

I’ll just apologize beforehand, one of the scribbled scenes I’ll post later isn’t very happy, it’s pretty dark actually (literally and figuratively).

5 thoughts on “This is a happy post

    1. Thank you! Green lights are awesome 🙂
      I am actually still taking driving lessons and therefore don’t drive a lot, so red lights don’t often bother me

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  1. Congrats, girlll!! Well deserved!
    It’s also a sad and good day for me, because I got a highest grade from speaking William Shakespeare sonnets! It’s soo good to feel accomplished.
    And your happy thing list made me smile! So many beautiful things 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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