Scribbled Scenes November #9:Happily Ever After

Her eyes were the colour of autumn leaves falling from the trees. Not the bright orange, red and yellow, but the brown sad colour of something that’s long gone. I locked mine on hers, but she didn’t notice. She was searching for something, or someone. Dancing across the room, I marked every step she took, every movement she made. The music was loud, and I knew that when it would fade, my ears would still echo from the memories. It smelled like teenage angst and sweat, a bit like the locker room at school. The whole room burst from energy and joy, and as emerged in that same feeling I was a minute ago, I just couldn’t feel it right now. My mind was a blank and as much as I wanted to talk to her, I couldn’t. So I looked at her, swinging her hair while still looking around with a wild look. It felt magical, any moment some prince would come in on a white horse, taking the princess with the autumn leaf eyes to a castle to live happily ever after. But there was no prince, there was only me and a couple of hundred dancing teenagers.

A tap at her shoulder stole her away, the sad eyes turned into the warm colour of chocolate, and she disappeared into the crowd. Into the arms of her prince.

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