Scribbled Scenes November #12: Lethal

It drizzled almost unnoticeably, except for the fact that it was grey. The water was a mixture of ashes and dirt, which formed a layer looking like snow on the field and my clothes. My body was covered in scratches and cuts but nothing deadly. I considered myself lucky, others had more lethal wounds. I strapped my swords back to my sides and looked out on the field.

The battle was over, but not for everybody. Bodies covered the ground, most of them didn’t make it to the end of the fight. Some are still clinging on to the last few straws of hope. They wouldn’t make it through the night, if it weren’t for me. The weight of all their lives was on my shoulders.

The first victim of hundreds was brought to me, they first brought most lethal wounded the women, then the men. She was a young girl, at the bloom of her life, an arrow was pointing out of her chest. She was silent. When they’re silent, they’re in the most pain, because that means they don’t have the energy left to fight. I took a deep breath and searched for the power within me. The power of the earth, flowing through my body. The force showed itself in the shape of clouds of mist in all the colours of the rainbow. It swirled and found its way to her body. I took out the arrow and she let out a soft sigh. The power made her forget the pain and healed her skin. Her mind would have to heal itself, or it would be forever scarred by the things she saw.

Only minutes later she walked away, still in a daze but no longer lethally wounded. Hundreds of soldiers were brought to me and one by one they walked away. After the last one left, it was just me. All the energy was taken from my body and given to the others, and my legs gave away and the world turned black.

3 thoughts on “Scribbled Scenes November #12: Lethal

  1. Have you ever read Princess Academy or Rangers Apprentice or Brotherband Chronicles or Warriors or Survivors or Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief or Dragon Rider?

    P.S Warriors by Erin Hunter



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