Sunshine Blogger Award

I again need to catch up, I feel like I’m falling behind all the time. I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award multiple times, so I’ll just do all of them in one post. Be aware this post is going to be long!

Story time! I’ve had a headache all weekend and this morning I was determined to go to school anyway, so I woke up, got my stuff and went to the bus stop. The bus stop is basically ten meters from my front door, which is awesome. I was running a bit late and waited at the stop, and then everything turned black. I sort of shuffled to the bench because I thought I was going to collapse right there if I didn’t. I couldn’t see a single thing for a few minutes and my ears were ringing and I heard the bus coming, but I couldn’t see it. And I needed to catch the bus or I’ll miss my train and therefore my meeting. But I couldn’t get up! So the bus drove on and I sat there. After a few minutes of heavy breathing and panic, my eye sight returned and I went home. So now I’m just in bed all day, with a fever and a headache… So that’s how my week started and the ending of this story (hopefully it’ll end with a happily ever after).

I was nominated by Lu from Girl Who Reads, thank you so much and check out her blog!

  1. Summer or Winter?

Can I choose both? I love every season.

  1. Tea or coffee?


  1. What’s your current read, and you thoughts?

I’m listening to the audiobook of The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson, which is almost over, only one more hour.. I love this series and I love Lia and the other characters.

  1. Your favourite post this month?

I wrote so many posts this month… I think one of my favourites is the Recipe of Me Tag, which is created by Trisha.

  1. 5 of your blogger friends? Tag them!

Sorry I am not going to answer this question. I consider a lot of people here my friends and I won’t choose between them.

  1. Sweet or savoury? Does it change between the seasons?

Both and it depends on the time of day haha, I love sweet things in the afternoon but salty things at night.

  1. Favourite warm drink at the moment?

Hot chocolate (always)!

  1. Hardback or paperback? Or no real preference?

I am growing to love paperbacks, I don’t really see the advantage of hardbacks. But I love e-books too!

  1. A favourite pastime?

Reading & writing? Not that hard to guess.

  1. What’s the weather like at the moment?

I have no clue, I am in bed with the curtains closed, I’ve been outside for like five minutes but I didn’t see much haha (not funny though, it was really scary)

  1. DNF’ed books this year?

Not that I can think of…

I was nominated by Maya from Book Dragon 1017, thank you! Check out her blog!!

  1. What is one quote you try to live by?

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

  1. What is one thing you can’t live without?

My laptop (that does sound horrible, doesn’t it?), I need it to blog and do homework. This would probably also be the first thing I pick up if there ever were a fire in my house. Which reminds me, I really need to create a back-up!

  1. What motivates you?

I motivate myself, I’m quite the perfectionist and am pretty much always able to make myself do things even if I don’t like them.

  1. Choose a fictional character to be your best friend for life.

Uhhhhhhhh, how to choose? I think I’d go with Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, because she is so funny and sweet and is always able to lighten the mood.

  1. Do you have any unusual obsessions or habits?

Not that I can think of…

  1. Did you ever have an invisible friend?

No, I never had an invisible friend.

  1. Pick one fictional monster you’d want as a pet.

I want the flying things from the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, I don’t know how they’re called… Stormhunters or something? They’re majestic gigantic flying creatures.

  1. If you took over the world, who would you kill first and why?

Kill? I won’t kill anyone. If I rule the world does that mean I can throw Trump in jail?

  1. The world is about to end, what is the last thing you’d do if you had the chance?

Pff… Hard question!! I have no clue, hug my friends or something?

  1. What do you notice first in people you meet?

Their appearance, not just looks but their ways and whether they appear nice or something..

  1. What is your favourite post you’ve done on your blog?

You ask hard questions! I just scrolled through pretty much all my posts, but I have no idea. Sorry.

I was tagged another time by Lu from Girl Who Reads haha, thanks again 😛

  1. Who are you best blogging buddies? Give them a tag.

Again, how am I supposed to choose between all these wonderful people? I’ll tag *some* people that I think are awesome:  Debbie, Lu, Tanya, Jasmine, Azia, Hannah, Eve, Lia, Klara and you, whoever is reading this!

  1. What is your favourite winter drink?

Hot chocolate!

  1. A typical weekend routine?

I love spending my weekend sleeping in, reading books and watching tv-shows, but sadly that is often not something I can do. My typical weekend is pretty lame, during the day I do homework and blog, and at evenings I watch tv with my family.

  1. Sleep in or wake early?

Sleep in.

  1. A walk through the woods or through a park?

Woods, I think. I barely ever go to the woods but usually it’s really pretty.

  1. Thoughts on candles?? (How many per room? Or no candles at all?)

I don’t really have an opinion on candles..

  1. E-books or physical books?

Both, I prefer physical books slightly, but both have their advantages.

  1. Buy or borrow a book? (borrow= from a friend or the library)


  1. Favourite winter meal?

Same as in the rest of the year, pasta!

  1. Lots of bright colours or sophisticated black and white?

Colours, but not too bright.

  1. Favourite genre/s?

Fantasy and contemporary YA fiction

I was nominated by Laylah from I’m Booked by Books, thank you! I promise this will be the last one haha, this post is getting incredibly long.

  1. What is your dream job and why?

Right now, I would love to do something with ergonomics / human factors, which is (according to wikipedia) the practice of designing products, systems, or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. Basically you design or redesign products so they fit the human’s needs and capabilities.

2.What is your favorite band?

Kodaline (second place for Bastille)

3.Whats the most beautiful place you have ever seen?

Bryce Canyon, that place takes your breath away.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bryce canyon

4.What do you dream your life will be like 10 years from now?

I don’t plan that far ahead haha, I hope I’m happy, with a job, I don’t know about family.

5.If you had to leave your home where would you move?

Somewhere else in my university’s city

6.If you owned a boat what would you call it?

I don’t think I will ever own a boat, but I guess I’ll call it after some greek goddess or a disney/book character.

7.What is your favorite part of thanksgiving dinner?

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Holland.

8.What book character would you like to trade places with and why?

None, is there any book character that doesn’t have bad things happening to them?

9.What is your favorite movie based off of a book?

Pride & Prejudice (2005), I still need to go watch all the other adaptations!

10.If you could rename yourself what name would you choose?

Funny story, when I was young and I was mad at my brother and sister, I used to pretend I had a different name and I didn’t know them. I don’t recall what name it was. I like my own name, but I think if I had to choose a name, it would be Olivia. I’ve always loved that name, and you can shorten it to Olive or Liv.

11.If you could speak any language fluently what language would you pick?

French or Spanish. I’ve always wanted to become fluent in French but I suck at French.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations and thank you for reading! Sorry for the incredibly long post. I wont be nominating anyone because my head is pounding again, sorry, I hope you forgive me 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. oh, I’m so sorry for you, but I hope you are better right now!
    Hot chocolate is the best thing ❤ after I finish reading I started to think how I want this drink right now..probably going to make really soon, heheh
    ah, I really want to visit Canyons one day. It's just incredible how beautiful nature is.
    nice post! I had a really good time reading all answers! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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