Top 10 Tuesday | I’m thankful for… (blogging related)

Apparently it’s thanksgiving soon, I wouldn’t know because we don’t celebrate it at all over here. I love the whole idea behind it though, to let people know what you’re grateful for. People have the tendency to complain, even about small things like the weather. We Dutch people are known for that (which is partly because of the people, but also partly because of the weather because it’s not that good). Sharing the love is so important!

Yesterday’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday was “Thanksgiving freebie — tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for!”, and I missed it, sadly. I had no time to write anything yesterday, and I haven’t even had the motivation and time to write my scribbles. I haven’t been feeling well lately, but I’m trying to keep up with everything. I still wanted to do this TTT, so here it comes.

Ten things I’m thankful for:

  1. Having found a way to express my feelings and experiences with reading and other things in life. I can’t really talk to my friends about reading. Some of them read, but not the way I do, they just read a book every now and then, others don’t even read at all. I could talk to them, but they wouldn’t really get why I would be fangirling about that book that I’m reading, or going on and on about how that movie is different from the book. Having this platform where I can express all those things is wonderful. Thank you for that.
  2. Being able to express my opinions without feeling judged. This one directly relates to the last one. I never get any negative remarks about anything, really. I know how awful it is to be judged for something, because it will shut you down. Thank you for not judging me.
  3. Feeling appreciated. Every time I get a comment, or a like, or a new follower, my heart makes this little jump. It makes me so happy to know that you appreciate me and like me (this sounds so selfish… but I like you toooo!). Thank you for showing your appreciation.
  4. Comments. I love comments. They’re proof of that people read your post and wants to talk to you about it. I love having conversations with you all and talk about the things we love and hate. Thank you for commenting.
  5. Fellow bloggers and the fact that reading other people’s blogs always manage to cheer me up. I have bad days, I have good days. Reading posts on bad days makes the bad days more survivable, and reading posts on the good days makes them even better. Thank you for being there.
  6. Sweet messages when I’m feeling down. On bad days, when I’m not feeling good and write something about it, there are always these sweet people that send me messages and let me know they’re there for me. I appreciate that so much, it is amazing. You are amazing. Thank you for helping me out.
  7. Seeing other bloggers develop themselves and their blogs over time. Blogging is a process, and my blog changed and I changed over time, and I found a way of blogging that fits me right now. Maybe in the future it’ll change again. I love seeing how people develop themselves, and find their way into the blogging world. That they find a way to be more who they are, if that makes sense. I haven’t been here for longer than a few months, but I already see how people develop themselves and I love it. Thank you for being you.
  8. Books in which I can lose myself. This community has helped me find so many books and I’ve enjoyed reading a lot. When I’m stressed from school or just because life sucks, I always find my way to a book. They’re good therapy haha. Thank you for sharing your love for books.
  9. Reviewing books and seeing that other people want to read it because of the review. I started this blog with reviews, didn’t like it, and later went back to writing reviews. I love writing reviews now. The thing I did in the beginning was to force myself to work a certain way, that way didn’t work for me. Now my reviews are messy and they’re more “me”. I’ve enjoyed writing them and I love it even more when people get excited about the book because I was excited about the book. Thank you getting excited with me.
  10. You. All of you. Every single one of you. I am so thankful for this community and all the love that is shared. I wouldn’t be here writing this post without it. Thank YOU.


Lia ❤

P.S. Maybe I’ll do a life-related post like this in the future. I loved writing this.

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