Short Story Society | Kick-off week 1

Hey hey guess what? IT’S DECEMBER! You know what that means? Short Story Society kicks off today ūüėÄ

For all of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, check this post here.

I don’t what to say anymore, the rules are known but there is one thing you’ve probably been dying to know: The themes! I’ll only tell you the theme for week 1 so here goes‚Ķ



How fitting, haha




1. an act or circumstance of entering upon an action or state:

the beginning of hostilities.

2. the point of time or space at which anything begins:

the beginning of the Christian era; the beginning of the route.

3. the first part:

the beginning of the book; the beginning of the month.

4. Often, beginnings. the initial stage or part of anything:

the beginnings of science.

5. origin; source; first cause:

A misunderstanding about the rent was the beginning of their quarrel.


This is the beginning of not only December but also of this wonderful project, so that’s the theme of this week. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate the theme in your story.

  • What did the beginning of the universe look like? Or the earth? Write a story of how everything started.
  • How does one fall in love? Write the beginning of a love story.
  • Where does the journey start?
  • Looking back at how something started, what changed?
  • A new phase, has something major happened in the (fictional) world? It’s the start of a brand new world.
  • Endings can be beginnings too, how did the end of something result in a new beginning?
  • Once upon a time‚Ķ rewrite your fairy tale or write your own fairy tale!
  • Road trip! Where did it all begin?

So that was what I could come up with, if you have any other great story ideas, please let me know! Also, if you have a great idea for future prompts, I am always open to suggestions.

Remember: the theme does not have to be a major part of your story, it is only as a source of inspiration!

I hope to see you all on Friday at the brainstorm session! I’ll prepare some questions, but it’s a brainstorm session so everybody should input their ideas and inspiration. It’s on Friday at 6pm UTC on twitter #shortstorysociety, see you there!

Oh and if you’ve written your story, please send it to me via twitter, mail, comment or anything. Then I can read it and share it in an overview post of all stories ūüôā

10 thoughts on “Short Story Society | Kick-off week 1

    1. That would be great! We’re currently on week 2, this week’s theme is retellings, the deadline for this story is Thursday night. I look forward to reading your story!


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