Short Story Society | Kick off week 2

I’m so proud of everybody who was able to write  a story! So far they’re all amazing! There’s still some stories that have to be finished, but you’ll have until tonight. Tomorrow I will post a round-up post with links to all the stories, so if you haven’t done so already send me your links!

So now for the thing you’ve been waiting on: the next theme.



retelling [ree-tel-ing] 


  1. a new, and often updated or retranslated, version of a story.


This theme was suggested by Debbie and I love retellings so why not? There are a lot of retellings already out there, often of fairy tales. Think: The Lunar Chronicles, The Wrath & The Dawn, etc. But there are also other types of retellings, of classics for example, or mythology. If you want to read more YA retellings, here’s an awesome chart by epicreads.

Here are some ideas I just made up:

  • Princess get rescued by prince, but what if the roles were reversed?
  • What if two characters from different tales meet each other?
  • Fairy tales in space!!!
  • The Greek/Indian/… gods decide its time to go visit earth.
  • Sherlock is a girl, trying to make a living for herself but isn’t taken seriously (because she’s a girl detective!) Go Sherly!
  • “To be or not to be,” says the robot that’s going to shoot you.
  • Make up your own fairy tale!
  • What was a story you were told when you were young? Rewrite it.
  • Pick a character from one story and put it in another.
  • What if Peter Pan did grow up?
  • Romy and Julian (Romeo & Julia with mixed genders)

I am absolutely inspired, you? I have like a hundred ideas swimming in my head right now, and I love it. I want to write them all!

Please send in your theme suggestions!

The brainstorm session is on Friday at 6pm UTC, I’m not going to mix it up this time so here in some other time zones:

UTC+1 (Europe central time): 7pm (19:00)
EST: 1pm (13:00)
IST (India): 11.30pm (23:30)
CST (China): 2am (Saturday) (2:00)
PST: 10am (10:00)

See you then! Don’t forget to send me your stories!

8 thoughts on “Short Story Society | Kick off week 2

  1. What about Nigerian time? And I really tried to write, I even made up a story, but it still works for retelling, I probably have time to focus on writing from the end of next week, when I go home for a break from school.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Nigerian time is UTC+1 (same as me) so it’s at 7pm for you 🙂
      You can finish your story whenever you want, I can’t wait to read it! Take all the time you need!

      Liked by 1 person

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