Short Story Society | Stories of Week 1

I’m still waiting for a few stories to come in, but there are already 5 stories complete! Whoohoo, I’m so proud of you guys!

Hannah from The Book Thief Without Words wrote a story about reincarnation and love and it’ll make you want to cry. The story is called You Are the End to my Beginning, and it is absolutely beautiful. Also she wrote it within a day (I think), which is amazing!

Debbie from Debbie’s Library has written a heartbreaking story about the end of the world. It’s a sci-fi / dystopic story that is called Downfall. She’s really good at building up the tension!

Tanya from Scribbled Dreams wrote a super cute love story, that is set in high school. The characters are adorable and it’ll melt your heart. The story is called The Apple, and I agree you should definitely continue writing this!

Starmanjones from AlmondCoffeed wrote a story about enjoying the little things in life and it’ll remind you to smile (which is really important! So go smile and share your happiness!) The story is called Prat-Writing.

And lastly, my own story, it’s called Stardust, Hopes and New Beginnings, and that is basically what it’s about. Yeah, idk… it’s about someone who feels stuck in life and decides to leave everything and just go.


I just got in Jess’ story!

Jess from Bookends and Endings wrote a start of a (potential?) love story, and I just need to know whether it’ll work out! It’s based off Taylor Swift’s song Begin Again, and is called A New Beginning.

Also my story is now on Wattpad.


Some people have not finished their story yet, which is no problem of course. Just send me a link when you’re finished, and I’ll add them to this or maybe the next wrap-up post! I can’t wait to read them.

This week’s theme: Short Story Society | Kick off week 2

The chat starts in 5 minutes by the way so, I hope you’ll be there!

Let me hear your thoughts!

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