Short Story Society | Kick Off Week 5

Hello everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Last week’s theme for Short Story Society was love (and/or Christmas) and I had the best time writing my fairy tale (which you can read here ).

Debbie’s story about family and more specifically sisters is so sweet, I adore sister stories so this is perfect! The story is called The Christmas Forgiving Spirit and it’s wonderful!

For the past few weeks I haven’t updated you on other stories that have been written. So here are more stories:

Week 2: Retellings

Debbie’s story The Little Violin girl is very sad and beautiful and will probably bring you to tears.

Jess’ story An Unlikely Couple is so funny (seriously) and so original as well! You should definitely read this one.

Hannah wrote a really cool retelling of Peter Pan with a gender switch, so it’s called Petra Pan and she’s (obviously) a girl. I loved how she merged the past and the present in one story.

I guess everybody’s is a little delayed and all but I can’t wait to read more stories (because they are most definitely wonderful!).

This is the last week 😦 and I’m kinda sad about it because I loved this project, so who knows maybe it’ll return one day! I’m here to tell you the last theme, which is probably not such a large surprise since I’ve talked about it during the twitter sessions.

The theme is…


(suggested by Tanya)

I really look forward to this theme and I guess that it also fits the occasion, since the new year is an excellent time to look back and look forward. I’m not going to brainstorm ideas, because I think it’s quite clear what you can do with this theme. I look forward to reading stories about old castles, futuristic spaceships, or everything else you can come up with.

See you at the twitter session tomorrow at 6pm UTC!

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