How Fate’s Fables disappointed me | Review

inted Action-packed, fairy tales and a bad-ass redhead. Sounds like a great book to read, right?

Fate’s Fables: One Girl’s Journey Through 8 Unfortunate Fairy Tales (#1; special edition) by T. Rae Mitchell

This beautifully intricate YA fantasy, with its feisty heroine, breath-taking action and heart-wrenching romance, will delight fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses.33630925

Reality sucks. Make-believe rocks. That’s been Fate Floyd’s motto for as long as she’s been a fantasy geek. But now she can hardly tell what’s real and what’s not. She’s been spelled and mysteriously trapped within a deadly fairy tale world bound by the Book of Fables. Her only way home is to travel through the book’s 8 unfortunate fairy tales and change them into happily-ever-afters. And if dealing with scheming sorceresses, greedy goblins and heartless faeries isn’t enough to test her sanity, there’s Finn. The Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight out of her dreams. As it turns out, make-believe isn’t as fun as Fate thought it would be. The reality is, her road to freedom isn’t straight, and danger lurks around every bend.

Well… I didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe it had something to do with my mindset but I just couldn’t enjoy it. (I only just noticed that the blurb says it’s for the fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, and I didn’t really enjoy that book so maybe that’s the problem?)

But let’s first start at the beginning.

The premise is great, a girl stuck in a book filled with fables, making her way through 8 different tales in order to get out. Fate, which is kind of a weird name to be honest, is a writer and has a large imagination. The story starts off as she enters the book store her grandmother owned, but Fate now inherited. There’s a guy there, and his name is Finn. For some reason he is burning books, and Fate is okay with that?? It was a little vague why she trusted him in the first place. Anyway, a witch shows up when they open a gigantic book, they’re thrown in the first fable, and Fate seems to be able to write things down that then “appear” or happen.

There are eight tales (or fables) in the book, fables of spooky spirits, evil queens, kings and deadly monsters. In each tale, they need to change the usually very tragic ending, to a happy one, in order to move on to the next. The fables were written beautifully and especially the illustrations were very pretty. This was not the part that made me like it less, this was one of the better parts.

“Avoidance of pain does not always ensure a happy ending, and it’s up to you to bring good fortune to this story and every other” – Page 216

I really liked Fate in the beginning, even though I thought it was weird for her trusting Finn. However, somewhere halfway through the book, I started enjoying reading it less and less. The story was still action-packed and there was a lot going on, but I just couldn’t connect to the characters anymore. I couldn’t care less about what would happen to them. And then there was the case of amnesia, which resulted in a very strange change of character. It had a reason, namely the poison that caused the amnesia, but that doesn’t mean I liked it. This change of character made the book so much darker. Sithias (or something like that) spoke very annoyingly, because he was a snake or partly a snake and talked like this: The sssnow isss very cold. And of course it makes sense because he’s a snake, but reading sentences like that gets quite annoying after a while.

About halfway in I started skimming parts and in the end I read almost only the conversations that the characters had. I realized why it was that I disliked it, the story just keeps repeating itself. The characters go to a new fairy tale, discover a new situation with new people, they meet a villain or a problem, one of the characters gets in trouble (either Fate or Finn usually) and then the other ones save them. The only thing that seems to be changing is that it gets darker with every tale and there’s more pain, suffering, and death.

Of course, this book wasn’t all bad, it had its good points and I found it funny at some points. The book is very heavy on the descriptions, so if you like that, you might like this book a lot more than I did. I am giving this book 2.5 stars. The majority of the reviews I have seen of this book are very positive, so maybe I’m the odd one out. I really don’t know whether I should recommend this book or not, but I guess if you still think it’s interesting after I said all this, go try it!

I received this book to review by the Publisher and NetGalley, my review is honest.

Let me hear your thoughts!

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