Wucaii: The apocalypse with dragons and an awesome MC (review)

In 5 words: Dragons – Apocalypse – Magic – Badass – Conflicted

If that didn’t convince you yet (I mean come on, who doesn’t like dragons?), there’s more to it.

Wucaii by Pembroke Sinclair

It has been 500 years since Aelana has been home, and a lot has changed in that time–including her. As a half-dragon, half-human hybrid, she has been traveling the universe destroying worlds. Both anxious and excited to return, she wonders what she will find. Her memories of home are filled with pain and loss, especially for her first and only love. She knows he won’t be there, but will his memory? Will her anguish remain?

As the synopsis tells, Wucaii is a book about Aelana, who is partly human and partly dragon (how awesome is that!). The dragons are immortal and destroy worlds, and Aelana has to be the messenger that tells the inhabitants of that world that it’s going to end. But now, it’s the turn to the earth to be destroyed. In Aelana’s past she has lived on earth and fallen in love, and now she has to tell the humans they’re going to die.

What I really liked about this book was Aelana and how conflicted she was. Because she is partly dragon, she has a very logical side, and at the same time her human side acts on emotions. I thought Aelana was a very interesting main character and also really badass, she is strong and fights for what she believes.

The story was great and kept my attention with it. When I put away the book my head was still stuck with it, there were basically constantly dragons flying in my head. I expected the plot twist in a way, but not really in that way. I loved it that Aelana, even though she is a 500 year old immortal dragon-human-hybrid, was challenged.

One thing that I thought was quite confusing was the use of flashbacks. Especially in the beginning I didn’t realize that it were flashbacks, but after a while I realized how they fitted in, and that it was something that happened in the past. Surprisingly often chapters end with Aelana fainting/falling asleep/collapsing and start with her waking up. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just something I noticed.

I personally don’t really like the cover, and I think that there is so much more potential in it, but don’t let that put you off!

I loved the magic system and the world it is set in. It feels very real. I give this book 4 stars, because the world it is set in is vivid and really interesting and the characters and story were very engaging. If you like dragons (and who doesn’t?) you should read this book!

I would like to thank the author for providing me with this book to review, this did not affect my opinion in any way.

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