The Bad Book Project | The Importance of a Good Quality Secondary Cast (by Trisha)

This is the third week in a project called The Bad Book Project, in which I prepare for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. The first posts you can find here and herehere. This week’s post is by Trisha and I will now give the word to her!

Hiya all! I’m Trisha from Autumn of 2003, and I’m here today to post about why it’s important to have a good quality secondary cast. As much as you love the main character of a novel, it’s always important to have a well structured, thought out secondary cast. Here’s why!
It helps if people think your MC is insufferable
I’ve often read books where I couldn’t stand the protagonist at all, but absolutely LOVED the secondary characters, which helped me push through the novel. For example, in Heir of Fire, I found Aelin very bratty and annoying (and do not get me started on Rowan fumes) but, what kept me reading was the awesome secondary cast – Lysandra, Manon, Dorian, Chaol (#chaolana5life) and all the other characters with nuanced, well thought out characters. It especially helps when you can start shipping these characters off! 😉
It can show what sort of person the MC is
This is not always the case, but I find that you can tell a lot about the MC from the secondary characters. Are they moody and quiet, unicorns on steroids, or something else altogether? This can indicate what sort of person the main character is. In Harry Potter, we have the Golden Trio. With quiet, bookish and yet hella determined Hermione and goofy, rather stupid Ron, we can suss that Harry possesses all those qualities to an extent.
It can give the MC an end goal
Say if like, a character gets killed or abducted or something that gives the MC a goal – to find the person, avenge their death, reminisce their death. SPOILERS FOR SIX OF CROWS When Inej is kidnapped in Six of Crows (although anyone who says that Inej is a side character can #fiteme) it gave the Dregs a goal to work towards. And it’s a handy plotline for the second story!
Ok but I LOVE fanart. FANART IS AMAZING. FANART IS BEWDIFUL. FANART IS GOALS. And with a huge secondary cast, we have a lot of opportunities there, amirite? Yes, I count this as a legitimate point because I can drool over fanart for MONTHS.

So, there are my four reasons why it’s important to have a well structured secondary cast. Thanks to Lia for letting me post here, and I hope to see you again soon! Have a great day, everyone!

Thank you Trisha for this post! If you’re interested in reading some more tips on writing diverse characters (last week’s topic) I found this great post by Mishma from Chasing Fairytales: For an Authentic Representaiton of Diversity in Your Book.

Next week I’ll be talking about how my preparations are going and how to make characters in general. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks I find useful.

12 thoughts on “The Bad Book Project | The Importance of a Good Quality Secondary Cast (by Trisha)

  1. This was such an informative post, not only for writers but for readers as well. I now have a better understanding of why secondary characters are important, and now when I read a book, I will think about them and the role that they play a lot more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you’ve found it informative! I did so too, it’s definitely something to keep in mind while reading and writing.


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