Writing Up Wednesday: Which Character is Your Favourite?

I have been reading Lizzy’s series Writing Up Wednesday from The Bent Bookworm for a few weeks now and I did want to participate before but I didn’t. Her series is about writing and it’s about sharing your work and inspiration to write. Since I’ll be writing my novel (or attempting to), I’m preparing myself with the weekly series on Sunday but I’d like to share some more of my story.

This week the topic is “Which character is your favourite?”.

And my answer is I think Aimi (I changed her name btw). My 4 characters are all so perfect I love them, but Aimi really sticks out for me. Here’s something about my characters:

  • Mica (Japanese/Spanish), she’s a princess and she’s independent and strong and motivated and she fights for what she believes, but she’s also loud and stubborn. Mica’s asexual/aromantic (not sure yet). Mica feels like she isn’t enough as the next-in-line for the throne and has a lot of pressure to perform on her shoulders. She isn’t too smart and doesn’t want to marry the guy her parents picked out for her.
  • Karsen (Japanese) he’s a guard/mechanic and values family above all, he’s loyal and committed, but he is also afraid to speak up for himself and has a low confidence. He is a little older than the others and he actually is married and has a baby with the woman that he loves. His parents are very strict and he will always do as he is expected. He doesn’t feel loved (the poor guy) even though he has a family.
  • Isaac (European/American? not sure yet), he’s sarcastic and lonely and broken and he’s funny and not very knowledgeable. His family is all dead or gone, and he desperately waits for someone (preferably his father that ran away) to get him out of this mess called Earth. He lives mainly on the streets since his little brother died (who he loved so much). And he’s oh so handsome (and he knows it).
  • Aimi (Japanese/Afro-American), she’s Mica’s little half-sister and therefore also a princess. Aimi is the sweetest person, she’s kind and happy and will always help if she can. She loves her sister more than anything. She is super smart and is the “perfect” princess. Except that she’s actually very gay and in love with one of her best friends. She’s always keeping up her mask of the perfect princess and is afraid to show people the real her. Aww she’s so cute! She is in a wheelchair because she has a condition (which I yet have to make up). And I think she has a cat which she brings everywhere.


Who of these would be your favourite? I’m really curious to see what you think of my character (my babies).

6 thoughts on “Writing Up Wednesday: Which Character is Your Favourite?

  1. These all sound amazing and like I would love to meet them! But, I think Karsen and Mica tug at my heartstrings most, just from these descriptions. Thanks for participating! I love your take on the prompt…it never occurred to me to give descriptions of all my mains. 😀

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