8 Characters Who’d Make Amazing Bloggers

I don’t know how to introduce this post so let’s get into it right away! Not all characters are from books, there are also a few characters from tv series in this list.

RAfbeeldingsresultaat voor gilmore girlsory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

BLOG NAME: Lit & Coffee at Luke’s
TYPE: Bookish

OF COURSE do I not only want to be her best friend (let’s ditch Lane sorry not sorry and be besties?), but I would devour her bookish blog. Rory is 100% book nerd and super smart. I think she would make amazing pieces discussing political and socialistic influences on books and write inspiring posts about being kind (because come on, Rory is the nicest girl ever!) and damn she’s funny too.


Frances from Radio Silence by Alice Oseman.25322449

BLOG NAME: Toulouse FM
TYPE: Art/Life

Frances is an artist, a nerd and is under a lot of pressure from school. I can completely imagine her as a late-night blogger and rambler, posting amazing artwork and fanart. She’s also obsessed with a podcast so she’d be talking about that A LOT.

(did anyone catch that reference in the blog name?)



Steffi from A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sa30981706ra Bernard.

BLOG NAME: Still Waters
TYPE: Life

I think she could write pages and pages about all the things she wished she said but didn’t. Just about life in general and about her selective muteness and extreme social anxiety. She’d be very relatable!




Cat from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.9781447263227fangirl

BLOG NAME: Cat Snow and the vampire’s quill
TYPE: Writing/Bookish.

Cat is a fangirl, completely 100% fangirl. Besides her obviously time-consuming fanfiction writing, she would have a great book blog discussing (of course) Simon Snow but also other books and talk about literature in general. She would share writing tips and excerpt from stories she wrote. I think she’d be very irregular in posting but you can alway count on her love for fanfiction.




Molly from The Upside of Unrequited bcover-reveal-the-upside-of-unrequited-largey Becky Albertalli (not out yet).

BLOG NAME: Molly’s Craft Corner

Molly is obsessed with pinterest, loves being creative and is quirky, so she would run a (very successful) DIY blog. She would share the best tips and tricks, make moodboards and share inspiration.



Kara Zor-El from Supergirl. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor supergirl cbs

BLOG NAME: Otherworldly Honest
TYPE: current events.

If she had the time (besides being supergirl and having a job as a reporter), she would have a blog about current events. And then not the boring kind, it would be honest and inspiring. Emancipation and feminism would be returning topics. Her need for the truth and justice would make her an amazing writer.



Charlie from The Perks of Being A WallflowerAfbeeldingsresultaat voor the perks of by Stephen Chbosky.

BLOG NAME: The Wallflower Writes 
TYPE: Life/Writing/Music.

I know, a boy (whoooh), boy bloggers are rare, but Charlie would make a great one! He would talk about his life, would make amazing and smart posts about being a teenager and talk about his writing. Occasionally he would share digital mix-tapes and talk about music. He also devours books, which would make him a great book blogger, but I don’t really think that’s for him.


Oskar from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by 4588Jonathan Safran Foer.

BLOG NAME: The Amateur Everything
TYPE: Travel.

Not only would I be jumping up and down like a rabbit on drugs if I could meet the 18-ish-year-old Oskar (because he’s one of my favourite characters), he would also be a great travel blogger. He could show all the hot-spots in New York and talk forever about all the interesting things in life. His blog would be inspiring and artistic, with cool pictures (of course taken with his grandfather’s camera).


Who did I miss? I tried to avoid all the obvious choices such as Penny from Girl Online and Watson from Sherlock Holmes, but I think I succeeded quite nicely. I tried to get to 10 but I couldn’t think of more than 8, it’s still a lot though 🙂

I had so much fun coming up with these blog names and thinking of what the characters would write about! Who’s blog would you follow?

What type of blog would your favourite character run?

20 thoughts on “8 Characters Who’d Make Amazing Bloggers

    1. Ooh that’s such a cool idea! Would be kind of hard though, because I don’t know a lot of bloggers well enough to judge whether they’d make good characters.

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  1. What a creative post! I think Blue from The Raven Boys could write a great travel/nature blog featuring all the places she’d like to go, as well as animals from all over. Pygmy tyrants and all that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a cool idea for a post! The very first person I thought of was Cath. I would definitely read Rory’s blog! She’d have such feminist reads and talk powerfully about representation in books. Also, Charlie’s blog would be great!

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