When I First Saw You | Book Cover Judging!

Remember a few months ago when I joined in this cool meme called When I First Saw You? Well, it’s back. This meme is created and hosted by Sophie from Sailing Through Books, and I highly enjoyed it the last time. The idea is that you pick one of the four covers in this post (picture is below). And then write a blurb about it, and then be embarrassed about how wrong you were while comparing it with the real blurb. So here we go!

The cover I choose was In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan, which is quite simple and pretty with wings on it.

My Blurb

Liz has lived on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean her entire life. She lives with her grandparents in a small village, the only village on the island. All of her 17-year long life, she has known the same people and the same places, but in her head, she visits entirely different places and meets the most wonderful people. She longs for adventures and quests and mystical creatures, but those only exist in the land existing in her head. In that land, lives a boy, a boy with wings and eyes as blue as the sky. And then one day a new visitor arrives at the island, the first visitor in 23 years, and he has eyes as blue as the sky.

This is so inspiring to do, you get so many ideas. I can highly recommend doing this if you need the inspiration to write!

The Real Blurb

Sometimes it’s not the kid you expect who falls through to magicland, sometimes it’s . . . Elliott. He’s grumpy, nerdy, and appalled by both the dearth of technology and the levels of fitness involved in swinging swords around. He’s a little enchanted by the elves and mermaids. Despite his aversion to war, work, and most people (human or otherwise) he finds that two unlikely ideas, friendship and world peace, may actually be possible.

Okay… After reading this, I have still no clue what it is about, but it sounds interesting.

What do you think of my blurb? And the real one?


15 thoughts on “When I First Saw You | Book Cover Judging!

  1. What a great post idea, and like you said really good for some writing inspiration. I personally liked your blurb better. I would probably read your version over the other, but I do like the idea of elves and mermaids in stories lol

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    1. Haha that’s the problem I alway end up having, I like my own blub better than the book’s. But mermaids and elves are definitely a good addition!

      Liked by 1 person

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