Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #2

I had quite a horrible writing week. In the beginning of the week, had very little time because of project deadlines and near the end I ended up with a mini-writing slump. On one day I only wrote 8 words (and then removed them the day after) and on another I didn’t even open my file. With two failed day I started getting behind on schedule. I’m still behind on schedule, but it’s not as drastic as I was. My current word count is 7299, which is about 1601 words behind on schedule. Overall not too drastic, but it’s going to take some catching up.

During the next two weeks, I don’t have any classes! I need to do some assignments, but that means I’ve got loads of time to write (I hope). I’m going to try to write about 1200 words (or more) per day until I’m all caught up.

The writing itself is actually going pretty smooth. During the week I hit a small bump because my outline is not very elaborate. Some chapters are described using only a few words, which means I need to have the inspiration to write and cannot just write blindly what’s in my outline. So… yeah. Having an outline has its advantages, but I do like it that since I now know my characters better, I can better incorporate them in the story. I know how they would respond to something and things like that.

I’ve also just decided to create a new character, and I need to fit them in the story. I really like the character because it also brings a girl/girl friendship in the story! There are too few females in my story and a few more wouldn’t be the worst thing. I love the side characters too and I’m hoping to give them more page-time.

So far, my MC is an emotional wreck. She literally cries every other chapter, which is not a good thing. I really need to work on that because I don’t want this book to become such a book with a whining MC.


Day 1-2: 2214 (week 1; words written: 2214)
Day 3: 3444 (words written: 1230)
Day 4: 3444 (words written: 0)
Day 5: 4735 (words written: 1291)
Day 6: 5645 (words written: 910)
Day 7: 6212 (words written: 567)
Day 8: 6220 (words written: 8)
Day 9: 7302 (words written: 1082)


The single tear now has multiplied into a waterfall, I wipe my eyes and attempt to smile, “look at me,” I say more to myself than Jonah, “It’s been four years and I’m still a mess.”

“You have every right to be a mess.”

Pretend you’re okay, and you are. That’s how simple my life has been. I ignored my emotions, put them in a box and locked them in a dark corner in my mind. And now, that box had been opened, and the emotions just keep jumping out at moments I didn’t expect them to.

Aesthetics (Let’s just make this a weekly thing 🙂 )


I have been a little inactive on the blog the past week, but I’m going to try to catch up on all my reviews and write some discussion posts!

How is writing going with you?


11 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #2

    1. I actually did some more writing tonight and now I’m at 7658! I’m still behind on more than 1000 words though, skipping days is not such a good idea… I hope you’re better now!

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    1. Thanks! I haven’t got a name yet, I’m currently using “Drive On” as my temporary title but I kinda hate it. I have about 10 different ideas and titles scribbled down somewhere so…

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  1. I had a rough couple of days, too, especially this weekend — for some reason, I found it just impossible to be productive. I hope it’ll get better over the next couple of days, though, because I really want to reach my expert goal xD I look forward to your discussion posts!

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