Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly update #3

And we’re halfway! Time goes fast when you’re having fun (cliche but true). I just did a happy dance on Let’s Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats because that’s my happy song. (also did you know that wombats are the cutest?? google them). I’m officially halfway AND I’m on track! (kinda, I have yet to write today).

I realised this week (again) that I really have to work on my outlining skills will I ever do this again. I’ve gotten to the point where my outline has become vaguer and shorter, so I need quite some inspiration to write. I kinda like it, but a little bit more elaboration would have been nice.

This weekend is the SundayYAthon, and I decided last minute to join in, so I’ve been reading quite a lot these past few days. I’m really happy I joined though, because I’ve been falling into a small reading slump, I barely read the past weeks. Now I’ve read two books since Thursday alone, and I’m going to start another one today and maybe finish it on Tuesday. It’s also helping me get excited about writing!

I’m starting to feel sorry for my characters, especially for Jonah since he is obviously in love while his love interest is very distant. And I’m starting to ship them and argh I CAN’T DO THAT. Just no. This is not a love story and I’d like to keep it that way. It is a very awkward story though, a lot of awkward conversations and hugs. Hah, so totally me.


Day 1-2: 2214 (week 1; words written: 2214)
Day 3-9: 7685 (week 2; words written: 5671 (ouch!))
Day 10: 9381 (words written: 1696 (WOW))
Day 11: 10821 (words written: 1440)
Day 12: 12321 (words written: 1500)
Day 13: 13325 (words written: 1004)
Day 14: 14373 (words written: 1048)
Day 15: 14373 (words written: 0 (not started yet))


“Are you not… germophobic, anymore?” I ask.
She smiles, sad and supportive at the same time. “Don’t worry about that. This is more important than the fact that I feel like a thousand bugs are crawling over my body right now.”
Her intentions might be good but this makes me feel incredibly guilty. I put her in this situation and she isn’t even my friend. Not really.
“Just let me sit here. Just go,” I attempt.
“Linde,” she says strictly, “I am not leaving you here sitting on the bathroom floor. You are not okay and I am here for you, so don’t feel guilty. Now talk.”

(gosh I love this new character I introduced)

“Of course I knew, he’s my brother! How could I not, it’s not like he can hide anything from me.” Lee smiles broadly.
“You knew?! Why did you make it so hard on me?” Kai exclaims.
“I’m your sister, little brother, I’m here to make it hard on you.” She laughs, “I’m so happy for you two.”
He narrows his eyes, “Four minutes, sis, four minutes.”

(they’re twins)



At the end of this post I have realised three things:

  1. I have actually written so much. I’ve been scrolling through my work and picking out snippets, and wow. So many words!
  2. I really really like my story and my characters.
  3. I love The Wombats. (Youtube has been playing their songs automatically since I begun writing this and it’s still playing and damn, I love it!)

Hey, I forgot! It’s Easter, so happy Easter! How was your week? Happy writing!

10 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly update #3

  1. Your aesthetics and snippets from your story are so beautiful!!! I’m going to try and maybe get some writing done today because I’m insanely behind

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on your writing progress, Lia! I hope this week is just as good for you 🙂 I’ve found outlining is definitely useful in making sure I’m moving forward, though I’ll own I’ve been struggling with my own writing as of late. Senioritis, final projects, and Camp NaNo do not mix well :/

    Liked by 1 person

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