Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #4

Not only am I very tired (I was up reading until 2 am last night), I have also had the most stressful morning. My laptop decided it was time to crash and burn (not literally), it didn’t do a single damn thing anymore. I don’t know who performed some wicked wicca or to whom I accidentally sold my soul, but it magically started working again.

I thought that I would have lost all my progress since I last backed-up my camp NaNo file and that all of my outlining and character profiling would have disappeared into the dark pit that is called a crashed hard drive. BUT IT’S SAFE. I immediately backed-up every single file I could find and thought was even remotely important, so I’m sure that won’t happen again.

So. Writing. My current word count is around 22.5k and I’m hoping to write about 1k tonight. That is, if I won’t fall asleep or something. My recent obsession with Stitchers has distracted me from writing this week. As you can see in my stats I’ve had a weird week. On one day I wrote a lot and then the next… not so much. I’m in a wave function. I’ve had a couple of unproductive days and a couple of very productive days. I realise that I’ve gotten into a repetitive cycle: during the day I procrastinate doing my homework, and in the evening  I write. On a few days, I simply had very little time at night or little inspiration, so that explains the weird flukes.

I’m trying very hard to keep up with my schedule and not get behind anymore. It’s working until now, so I hope to keep up. Next weekend I just found out I’ll be going away (okay I knew this before but somehow it slipped my mind), so I’m going to have little time to write that weekend. I hope to get some writing done then, but for now I’m just going to have to work even harder to keep up and maybe even work ahead.

I did have a very productive bookstagram week, which is pretty rare because usually I’m a very irregular bookstagrammer. I also reached 100 followers which is pretty big for me! (my instragram is lost_in_a_story btw)


Day 1-2: 2214 (week 1; words written: 2214)
Day 3-9: 7685 (week 2; words written: 5671)
Day 10-16: 16415 (week 3; words written: 8730)
Day 17: 17625 (words written: 1210)
Day 18: 18429 (words written: 804)
Day 19: 20154 (words written: 1725; now that’s what I call a productive day)
Day 20: 20643 (words written: 489; whoops)
Day 21: 21833 (words written: 1190)
Day 22: 22359 (words written: 526)
Day 23: 22428 (words written: 69)


“Are you having fun?” I ask, simply for the sake of saying something.
He smiles slightly, “yeah, I always am with you.”
Again, that tingling feeling in my stomach, if those butterflies could only stop being hyperactive.
“I recall some lesser pleasant times.” I laugh softly, not knowing whether it’s okay to laugh about something like that. Especially since those lesser pleasant times were usually caused by either me crying or me yelling at him.
He shrugs, “more good than bad though.”

With mom it was always so easy, I could say whatever I wanted, she wouldn’t judge or make me feel bad. With Margo and Stephen, however, I’ve always felt like I needed to match some nonexistent ideal of me. I need to be the perfect daughter, whatever that means.



How was your writing week?

11 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #4

  1. I’m still not doing the best, but I don’t want to push myself if I don’t feel like writing because if I don’t feel like writing absolutely nothing will ever get written. I would’ve had a heart attack if my computer did that! I’m glad nothing absolutely terrible happened to it and you lost your book!

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    1. For me it really helps to push myself, I often get stuck while writing and pushing myself to write on really helps to get out of that mini writer’s block.
      I’m really glad my laptop is sort of okay now, the hard drive has been replaced so everything is okay now (except for the fact that I’ll have to reïnstall all my programs, but that’s not too bad)

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