To Do Thursday #3 | So Many ARCs…

It’s been gone for two weeks but I’m back with this feature. It works like this: there are three categories and I’ll pick one or more books per category and discuss them. The categories are: To Read, To Buy and To Review.

To Read

I’m trying to get through most/all of my ARCs before I allow myself to read other books, so right now on my tbr pile are:

The Color Project, Finding the Phoenix and The Thieves of Nottica are all books I’ve received from the authors for review and Sovereign I received from NetGalley.

To Buy

I’m sort of on a book buying ban, and boy how much I’ve wanted to go in a bookstore to buy a book… But until I’ve read a couple of the books I already own, I’m not going to buy anything. Unless, maybe, if I come across a copy of The Serpent King, because it pains me that I have to bring it back to the library…

To Review

I’ve got two reviews already written, but I’ll need to write a review of The Way Back Home, which I’m currently finishing up, and On The Spectrum, which I read weeks ago but still haven’t reviewed (shame on me).

What do you still have to read, buy or review? Any of these books also on your list?

19 thoughts on “To Do Thursday #3 | So Many ARCs…

  1. These all look so good! I’ve been curious about The Color Project but have also been trying to catch up with all of my arcs. I also need to place myself on a book buying ban cuz I’m not even reading from my personal library at the moment due to my arc back log smh *for shame* lol. I can understand all to well what it’s like to just read & fall behind a book review or 2…or 3 LOL! Happy reading 😉

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    1. I’m not reading anything from my personal library either but I hope that once I am all caught up on my ARCs I can read some of those books. I need to just write that review because I’m going to forget everything… oops.


  2. SAME about the not writing reviews! I’m so bad with writing them- I read the books, but I DON’T REVIEW THEM and just PUT IT OFF for another week or so! It’s a HORRIBLE habit. And I’m so excited for the Color Project! TBH it wasn’t even on my radar until everyone was flailing about it on Twitter haha..

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    1. I have the same thing with books that aren’t ARCs, I want to review them but it just never happens and I procrastinate and then I forget. Haha the twitter hype is what got me onto it as well!

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      1. I liked it, but it was rather frustrating to read at times. However, it’s told from an amnesiac’s POV, so it totally makes sense to the narrative!

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      2. Well that’s good! Only other thing that bugged me was that the ONLY thing she could remember was that she kissed drake. Like whhhyyyyy did it have to be that

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      3. Yeah… I know… It has some problems (also about her family and friends etc), though, I didn’t really realize that when reading, I just enjoyed reading the story.


  3. I’m still impatiently waiting to find out if I’m going to even get a chance to read an ARC of The Color Project. I only have one book to buy, two to read for review, and that’s it.

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    1. Did you sign up via the google docs thing? Because I think that failed massively, idk something went wrong I guess. I eventually got an ecopy from Sierra via twitte. You can ask her, maybe she’ll send you a pdf?


  4. Oooh these all look FANTASTIC and I’ve heard such good things about The Color Project already!! I hope it’s amazing for you. Also this is the first time I’ve heard of On the Spectrum and I’m really keen for it now too. Plus that cover.😍

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    1. I’m reading The Color Project right now and it’s really good!! Shame on me, I still haven’t written my review for On The Spectrum, but it was quite good (not spectacular, but pretty good). The cover is very pretty though!!


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