The Your Favourite Music Tag: Books & Music -> a perfect combi

This tag is created by Debbie from Debbie’s Library and I’ve taken my time to get to it, but it’s here! I barely do tags anymore like you might have noticed, but I couldn’t pass on this one. I love books and I love music so this is a perfect match! Thank you Debbie, for creating this tag and tagging me!

The Rules

  • Tag the creator of this tag and the one who tagged you
  • Pick 5 songs (or more) that you just have to listen whenever they are played
  • Pick the books/characters you think fit that song the best, and explain why you pick this book/character for this song
  • Tag some friends!

The Books!

The music!

Horns by Bryce Fox

In her heart, there’s a hole
There’s a black mark on her soul
In her hands is my heart
And she won’t let go till it’s scarred
Try to breathe, but I can’t
‘Cause the air she feeds me is damned
Got a touch like a thorn
‘Cause the girl, she’s hiding horns

This song reminds me so much of Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows. Kaz and Inej have a complex relationship if you can say so, they are both very morally grey characters and Kaz has a thing for Inej but doesn’t want to admit it. Also the vibe of the song fits perfectly. I can create an entire post talking about music that fits with this book (but I won’t). I recently created a Six of Crows themed playlist and I love listening to it, so if you want to as well, the link is here.

Link to the song.

Steady As She Goes by The Raconteurs

Find yourself a girl and settle down
Live a simple life in a quiet town
Well here we go again
You’ve found yourself a friend that knows you well
But no matter what you do
You’ll always feel as though you tripped and fell

I might talk about this book a little bit too often but this song reminds me a lot of The Serpent King, and especially of Travis. The Serpent King is about three friends in their final year in high school. Travis is a simple guy and he just wants to live in his little hometown, with the girl he likes, but life takes him in another direction.

Link to the song.

All I Want by Kodaline

All I want is nothing more
To hear you knocking at my door
‘Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man I’m sure

When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side

I could quote this entire song because it’s so perfect. This song reminds me so much of Clay and Hannah from Thirteen Reasons Why. Hannah commits suicide and Clay the boy who loved her now has to live with the regrets and pain of her loss and this song captures that perfectly. (but if you loved me, why’d you leave me?)

Link to the song. Link 2 (if you haven’t seen these videos yet that’s right there are two, you should it’s so wonderful, they have made me cry many times over. KODALINE GIVE ME A PART 3!! I NEED IT.)

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Don’t want to let you down
But I am hell bound
Though this is all for you
Don’t want to hide the truth
Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide

This song reminds me of Will from The Infernal Devices, he is a very mysterious character because of his tragic background story that leads him to hide his true self. I think this song really reflects the darkness inside of him and the secrets he’s keeping. (also it’s about demons 😛 )

Link to the song.

Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

I love this feeling
But I hate this part
I wanted this to work so much
I drew up our plans on a chart
Cars are flipping, I’m in hot pursuit
My character’s strong but my head is loose
She hits like ecstasy
Comes up and bangs the sense out of me
I only just finished The Sun Is Also A Star (like last night 1 am) but I realize this song fits perfectly with it. In The Sun Is Also A Star, Daniel and Natasha meet in New York, and Daniel falls head over heels for her, but it’s Natasha’s last day there, because she is an illegal immigrant and has to leave the country. I think this song perfectly describes the complex, quick and dramatic nature of their relationship (also the song mentions karaoke bars 😀 ).
Link to the song. (warning: the video is a bit very psycho)

I tag…

Because I barely do tags anymore, I’ll tag some people, but everybody is free to do it 🙂

I tag… Mahriya, Anushka,  Julianna, Sydney, Bex, Kelly, Jackie, All The Jazz (no pressure, I just thought you might like it, so if you don’t want to, don’t 🙂 )

Also, if you liked this post, I once did a similar one, which you can check out here.

What do you think of my choices? Do you like this music? If yes, any recommendations?

21 thoughts on “The Your Favourite Music Tag: Books & Music -> a perfect combi

    1. You’re welcome! That was actually a lucky find, one day I was cycling home and thinking about this tag and I was listening to this song and it just clicked 🙂

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    1. Awesome! I actually wanted to tag you because it seemed like your type of thing, but then I forgot 😳 I’ll look forward to your post!


    1. You’re welcome!! I’ll look forward to your post! Every time I listen to my Six of Crows playlist (which is basically all the time) I just NEED Crooked Kingdom! I must read it ASAP!!

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