Some Writing and Poetry

I wanted to share some things I wrote recently, and well… that’s basically all I wanted to say, so enjoy! (I have never written poetry before so don’t be too hard on me pls)


There is infinitely more space
between the stars,
than there is between us
right now
but you are like a star
far on the horizon
and I am standing
here on earth.

Your brilliant eyes meet mine
across our universe
But you don’t see me
not anymore,
You drift faster than
the speed of my light
and my radiance
can’t reach you.

With everything I have
within my bones
I wish I could touch you
if only,
for a single second
black holes engulf me
and I am drowning
in our everything.

~I miss you.



Sticks and stones
might bruise me,
but words break me
and broken things
don’t heal

~if only.


I travel too wide
searching desperately
for the true and magnetic
of secrets
found between a whisper and a smile.

~and I haven’t found it yet.


This is something I wrote for the second task for The Typewriters Project by Mahriya from My Bookish Life. It is the beginning of the story that I talked about last week, over here.

The ropes of Wren’s fate were hard to tie together. He had tried for days, weeks, months, years but he just couldn’t make it fit. Aeriel would keep trying, because He had given him this task, and that probably meant He trusted that Aeriel could make it work. The ropes were rough to handle, and it seemed like this fate, that lied in his hands, was much harder to tie, compared to all the other angels’. Or it was just his incapability at work again.

His inner eye showed the girl being kicked out of her home and his grip on the ropes loosened. He feared what would happen if he let go. Not only the girl’s fate would be ruined, but his too. Aeriel would lose his home, just like Wren did.

He felt strangely connected to this odd girl. Her skin, as white as snow, just like the rest of her appearance. She was a blank, in a world of colour. She was seen, even when she didn’t want to be seen. Aeriel, on the other hand, was not seen, he was a wallflower. He wondered whether the other angels in his ranks would even know his name.

The girl, now broken in tears, lay crying on the steps to her former home. It broke Aeriel’s heart in a million pieces and before the angel realized it, the ropes slipped from his bloody hands, exhausted from the constant pressure. He caught a glimpse of the rope, falling into the nether below. Less than a second later, his eardrums started shaking from the loud noise. It was God’s voice and it was angry. This was it: the end, Aeriel thought.

Aeriel falls, millions and millions of miles, a bright light engulfing him. His angelic wings had made place for a smoother, more streamlined kind, black and small. Ironically, he had become a bird, again showing his connection to the girl. The first thing the no-longer-angel thought was, when his little feet hit the ground, that if he couldn’t save Wren from up there, he’s going to have to do it from down below.

And here is a more recent snippet from my work in progress:

Margo continues, “I never was brave, but something in her made me walk up to her and ask what was wrong. She showed me one of the most wonderful drawings I’ve ever seen and said in broken English: this. This is what’s wrong. It just doesn’t work.

She smiles, reminiscing her happy memory, “and I said, if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

That was all! Let me know what you think! Do you want to read more of my writing? If so, I might make this a regular thing on my blog.

30 thoughts on “Some Writing and Poetry

  1. This is great! The first poem was by far my favorite — your wordplay of space between stars, yet stars being in space is excellent. I love the imagery. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. The snippet from your new writing is intriguing. That last line is a great hook, but without knowing what it is connected to, it is difficult to tell where it is going. I liked the last poem best of the poems. Your concept of the “fallen angel” is also interesting. I don’t think you need to point out the connection between the girl’s name and the angel becoming a bird; letting it sink in on its own seems better to me….but it isn’t my story; it is yours. And I would be very interested in how a bird could accomplish something an angel could not. Proof it well before you send it off; there are a few errors (the fate “lay” in his hands)….Sorry…that’s just the old English teacher coming out of retirement! Your work is good; it has real promise.

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    1. I actually saw that sentence after I sent it in and it bugged me as well. I wrote the piece very rushed because I was late and my first draft was accidentally deleted, so it’s not that good and can definitely use some more work. Thank you for the feedback!


      1. I was hoping that hadn’t come off as being too critical. Those errors happen to us all. I taught English for over 30 years, and I still have to proofreed everything I post at least two or three times. You are a talented writer, and you should keep writing and building on what you have begun.

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  3. Great stuff, specially if it’s your first poetry. I loved the imagery of stars, powerful and poignant . Beautiful! I love poetry, so am always glad to read it. I haven’t had the confidence to write it myself, but adore reading it.☺️

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  4. HECK YES I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE GET INTO POETRY. They’re like little snippets of a memory of feelings, a photograph of emotion comprised of words. I love it! I haven’t written poetry in waaaaay too long.

    Also, I liked your writing piece for the Typewriter Project! I’m really enjoying participating in it. It’s forcing me to write, which I haven’t done in probably also way too long of a time, just like the poetry! I also really liked your guest post for it on openings. They are very difficult to do as they set the entire mood for the book it seems. Also, I fracken love birds, so I’m loving that Wren imagery! (birds are the best, I want to be a bird.)

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