Book Haul!

You all seemed to be quite excited about the idea of posting a book haul so here we are. Not all of the books have arrived yet but that doesn’t stop me from writing this post. This post will have 3 sections: books I bought, books I won and ARCs. The links refer to the goodreads pages!

Books I bought


You might not recognize it, but this is the alternative cover for The Serpent King. I’m not a huge fan of the original cover, I think it has to do with the color (I’m also not a fan of the other Jeff Zentner’s other book’s cover), but I fell in love with this pretty edition! I love this book but I did not own a copy before.

I preordered All The Crooked Saints! It is my first ever preorder and I can’t wait! This is the new book by Maggie Stiefvater and so far I’ve loved all her books (and I think I also read almost all her books, so…)

Illuminaeย I got in my local bookstore and I still can’t grasp how pretty it is in real life. This is a sci-fi story and I don’t really know much about it except that there’s an AI in the story which is pretty cool.

Let’s Get Lost I also got from my local bookstore and I’ve actually had for a month or so, I just love the cover and I read the first chapter and loved it. I’m saving this one for my trip to Hungary for the summer because it’s a road trip book and what’s better to read on a road trip, than a book about road trips?

I finally bought A Darker Shade of Magic after long deliberation because I actually love the other cover so much more but it was more expensive and oh well, this one is pretty as well!

Crooked Kingdom!! Must I say more?

Books I won


I won both Something Beautiful and Chasing Eveline from Armchair BookExpo (both ebooks), which was an online book expo running simultaneously to the real book expo in New York. I already read Something Beautiful, which is about mental health and fluid sexuality. I wasn’t even planning on reading it right away but I started with the first chapter and I couldn’t stop! Chasing Eveline is apparently a book about music, romance, and awkwardness, which sounds really good!

I won This Savage Song from Austine’s (from NovelKnight) giveaway and it was a surpriseย book, so I didn’t know what it was, but I was incredibly happy with This Savage Song because I’ve been wanting to read it for so long!

ARCs I got

I got Fallen Flame via Netgalley and don’t you just love the cover?? It’s so pretty!

City of Strife and City of Betrayal (the sequel that doesn’t have a cover yet) I got from Claudie Arseneault and you might remember her from her guest post months ago for the Bad Book Project. I am currently reading the first book!

The Butterfly on Fire I got via a review request and though I don’t like the cover, the story really sounds intriguing.

This list does not include the books I might or might not buy on book depository later because there’s a sale and I have very little self-control ๐Ÿ˜›

Are you planning on reading any of these books (or perhaps, you’ve already read them)? What books did you get lately? Did I buy good ones?

37 thoughts on “Book Haul!

    1. I can’t wait to read ADSOM, but I can’t figure out whether I should buy the rest of the series as well right now so I can binge it or wait and see what I think of the first book. (There’s a sale on book depository right now so I’m kind of in a hurry to decide and I can’t! help.)

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  1. What a great haul Lia!! I have several of these I’m going to read this year! I’m reading Illuminae right now as an ebook and I am quite jealous of your book! It would probably be a lot more fun to read if I could look back at some of the earlier pages. It is a blast though, I’m sure you’ll like it if only because it is so different!

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    1. I really wanted the physical copy of the book because it’s so pretty and I think it really adds to the experience. I’m planning on reading it while listening to the audiobook since I’ve heard great things about that as well!

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  2. I’ve given up on pre-ordering via Amazon as I always get my books late, but I will definitely be getting All The Crooked Saints later this year! I am very excited to see if I’ll like that book as much as I loved The Raven Cycle as it will be the first book I read by Maggie that isn’t part of TRC!

    As far as A Darker Shade Of Magic and Crooked Kingdom go, I’ve read and loved both so I’m really excited that you got them too! I hope you’ll enjoy them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I pre-ordered on book depository but I only just realised that I will probably still have to wait for about 3 weeks before I get the book so pre-ordering wasn’t really helpful haha. Shipping always takes so much time!
      I read the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and LOVED it (it was one of my favourite series back when I was 15-16-ish and it has a special place in my heart). I also read the standalone by Maggie Stiefvater but I can’t remember the name, it was about sea horses and racing….
      Thank you! I hope so too!

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  3. I read This Savage Song VERY recently and I LOVED IT! (I finished it last night lol.) It was super good. And I like the other cover for ADSOM (which I actually own??? GASP) but as long as you have the book, right? XD DUDE I NEED SOC — I have CK but not SoC which is weird… ๐Ÿ˜› And I’m buddy-reading Illuminae with Jackie in July, so I’m excited about that! Great haul. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Glad you loved it! I can’t wait to read all of them. Yesss I actually also really like this cover now that I’ve seen it irl ๐Ÿ˜Š
      I hope you love Illuminae and SoC!!

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    1. I loved the Raven Cycle! I can’t wait for All the crooked saints but I just realised shipping will probably take forever with book depository so I might as well have waited and just bought it when it came out…

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