Youtube Channels I Follow & Love

Before last summer, the only reason I came to youtube was for music, however, this changed a lot. Now I follow quite a bunch of channels and have discovered amazing content, so I thought it was time to share the love and share this with you.


Ariel Bisset – Ariel has the most amazing content, although her taste in books is not really the same as mine, her personality makes every video worth watching. She has a lot of discussions and they always inspire me and make me think.

A Clockwork Reader – I think this is one of the only “mainstream/famous” booktubers I follow, but she just has a wonderful voice to listen to and her opinions are always so honest and she seems like a kind and awesome person.

The Book Leo – I initially followed her because she’s Dutch and I like that 😛 She’s really creative in her videos and content! However, she isn’t uploading as much anymore, which I think is sad, but watching her older videos is still a joy.

The Book Prophet – Last but not least, my friend Savannah from over at The Book Prophet only recently started a booktube channel and you should all go follow her because she’s awesome!

Writers & Vloggers

Alice Oseman – The writer of Radio Silence and Solitaire not only has a lovely character but is also really fun to listen to. She has fun vlogs but also how-to videos on writing.

Akemi Dawn Bowman – I followed her channel before I won a giveaway from her, and I’m sad to say I’ve not yet have read the ARC of the book Starfish I received (it has been on my shelves for what feels like forever), but I can’t wait to read it! Akemi is a fangirl and does bookish unboxings and she’s just super nice!

vlogbrothers – This is by far my absolute favourite of this list. Hank and John Green (yes, the writer) are two of my favourite people in this world. They are funny, sensible, intelligent, inspiring, kind and create awesome content. If you look through their videos they discuss topics from politics to cats, from life advice to silly jokes, anything goes.

Photography & Video

Mango Street – This channel I only discovered recently but they share a lot of inspiring tips and tricks to get better at photography, plus (sorry Idk their names) the people behind it are really nice people and just fun to listen to.

Peter McKinnon – Peter is a very talented photographer that shares amazing content and lots and lots of tips. He also vlogs and he seems like an awesome person.

Ollie Ritchie – If you’ve followed me on twitter (@lost_in_a_story), you might have noticed me raving about this person. Ollie is a video maker and photographer and his work is just phenomenal. It’s so inspiring (especially some of his earlier work, I’m a huge fan of MOUNTAINS, a short movie) and watching his videos just makes you want to go out and see the world.


Vox – This channel has such interesting videos and I already learned a lot from all the ones I watched. If you’re interested in basically anything, go check out their channel.

Have you found some new youtubers you want to follow from this list? Who is your favourite youtuber?

29 thoughts on “Youtube Channels I Follow & Love

  1. I keep trying to watch more BookTube videos buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don’t know. I don’t like to. I love podcasts (currently anyway). I think it’s cause I can’t watch a booktube video in my car-but I can totally listen to a podcast and drive. I very strongly recommend Goosebuds. They’re hilarious. They read a Goosebumps book a week and then talk about it. It’s always funny.

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    1. You don’t have to watch booktube videos if you don’t like them. I have not watched them for a while but I’m getting back into it. I do avoid many of the super popular ones because I don’t like them that much. I never read Goosebumps but it sounds like fun!

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  2. I love Hannah from A Clockwork Reader! She always has such amazing, insightful things to say. Awee thanks! I’m happy you like my videos! Sorry about not uploading in – er – two weeks lol I might film something today.

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  3. That is relatable. I find out about Booktube last summer as well. I love watching Hannah’s and Savannah’s videos as well. I also watch emmmabooks, Hailey in Bookland, ProblemsofaBookNerd and missmareadsalot. I also love watching Markiplier for gaming and Vasseurbeauty for her organisation and vlogs. And when it comes to art and bullet journal videos I watch AmandaRachLee and Happy D. Artist and makoccino. And I watch Superwoman and Liza when I want to laugh. And with those many more 😂

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  4. I follow Alice Oseman and I love her so much! She has such a wonderful personality and she’s so relatable and super cute! Her laugh/giggle is actually soooo adorable XD

    And I really enjoy Ariel Bissett as well! I love how she talks about such a wide range of books and while they’re not really up my alley her videos are worth watching because of her joyous personality! 😊

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  5. my favorite booktubers are peruse project (she does some lifestyle vids too which i love) and lily c reads. lily’s videos are amazing and she doesn’t BS when it comes to popular books and telling it like it is. 100% recommend both of them 🙂

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    1. I really like Peruse Project but her taste in books is quite different from mine. She likes a lot of high fantasy and I barely read high fantasy. I still like her channel though!
      I heard of Lily’s channel but I haven’t watched many of her videos!

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