Newbie Bloggers: Breeny (@Breenys Books) | Writing Advice

Hello and welcome to this second edition of Newbie Bloggers, a project organized to introduce new bloggers to the community. Today, I’m excited to introduce to you: Breeny from Breeny’s Books!

Who is Breeny?

Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hello, I’m Breeny! I’m a bookworm and a writer. I love reading and writing YA contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy. I’ve been reading and writing for as long as I can remember *breaks out into singing Moana*, and they’re both strong passions of mine. One word that could describe me would be booknerd, and those books are either the ones that I read or the ones that I write.

What’s your blog about and what are you planning to do with it?: My blog is @BreenysBooks and I use it to chronicle my book reviews and writing journey. I upload posts every Monday and Thursday, so be sure to look out for those. I also use my blog to interact with other wonderful bookish and writerly people.

Why did you start blogging?: I started blogging to share my love of words with others, and to join and explore a community that loved words just as much as I do. One of my favorite lines that I’ve come with is: “I write to inspire and I read to be inspired.” And I like taking that inspiration and sharing it with all of you guys. Blogging is also a big stress-reliever for me, and I find it to be so much fun. Everyone in the community is super awesome, and I feel super awesome and lucky to be a part of it.

Breeny’s Post: Some writing advice!

As a newbie book review and writing blogger, I’ve recently been asking the community for tips. It’s my way of first engaging and reaching out to another blog, and I always love reading the responses that I receive. There’s a lot of variation in the responses, and I feel that reflects the variation of everyone’s individual blogging journeys.

That being said, I thought today I’d share with you all my number one piece of writing advice that can also be applied to reading and just life in general. As I’ve progressed through school, at times I’ve had to put writing and reading on hold. That’s one of the main reasons that I enjoy blogging, because I can schedule my posts ahead of time (and interact with you lovely people). Anyways, as a writer, I’ve heard the advice ‘you should write everyday’ given so many times. I used to hold myself to that standard, until I realized that I wasn’t any less of a writer if I wasn’t writing every day. Nor was I any less of a reader if I wasn’t reading every day. Writing every day isn’t the only thing that makes you a writer, and I’ve started to embrace that. I go months without drafting or editing, especially during this time of the year when school is wrapping up, but I’m a writer. Sometimes just thinking about your story is enough. Or creating a playlist, looking at Pinterest, jotting ideas down on napkins. Those are all ways to engage with your creativity and your writing, and engaging in both of those things is what I ultimately believe makes you a writer.

I’m interested in hearing what you all’s number one piece of writing or reading-related advice is, so be sure to comment them down below.

Thanks for reading! Happy reading and happy writing.

Lia: I hope you liked this post, and if you did, go follow Breeny! You can find her on her blog, twitter, and goodreads!

If you would like to participate as well, check out this post. The project will be bi-weekly and on Sundays. If I get a lot more submissions I might change that. If you want to participate but don’t have a post yet, you can also just send me a message then I’ll give you a date, so you can work on your post and send it to me before that date.

13 thoughts on “Newbie Bloggers: Breeny (@Breenys Books) | Writing Advice

  1. Breeny’s post was great! I agree that if you don’t write every day, you’re still a writer. I personally find that if I write every day, it becomes a habit and I get better at it, whereas I can put it off for a long time and not be productive (But that changes during school.) I do think that even if I miss writing a day, though, I’ll still be a writer! 😛

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  2. Loved this post, Breeny! I love your tip on writing that even if you aren’t writing every day, that doesn’t make you any less of a writer! A tip I have is to not compare yourself to others and to never EVER scrap all of your work… I speak from personal experience haha

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Your tip is awesome, and I definitely agree about never scraping anything 100%. I keep everything that I cut in a master Google document just in case I ever need it again.

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  3. I only write everyday if I have a looming deadline. I can’t write everyday. It drains me, mentally, physically, creatively. It makes my work stale. And I’m all about the “you can’t edit a blank page” philosophy but I’m also not about the deleting 9 pages in a row life.
    Also I love this series. New bloggers ahoy!

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  4. *breaks out into Moana with you*


    I LOVE YOUR WRITING ADVICE! Writing every day is a good habit but writing is supposed to be fun and can’t ALWAYS be a priority. I don’t write everday and I’m still a writer?!

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  5. I really like what you say about how you can still be a writer if you’re not writing every day. I think being a writer is more about the mindset. Writers get inspiration from everywhere: the commute to work, someone in front of you in line, anything! I do write every day for the most part, but even that writing isn’t always fiction. Sometimes I just write down my thoughts, and nobody will ever see them, but that’s still writing. Blogging is writing!

    I guess my biggest piece of writing advice would be this: don’t ever discount anything you ever write. People will act like it doesn’t count if your novel isn’t published, or if you drafted it and then decided not to bother with revisions because you want to work on another story. At the end of the day, being a writer is a really really long journey – most people will not understand that, and that’s okay. The only person who has to be happy with what you write is YOU.

    Hope this helps! I know it’s something I have to keep reminding myself constantly. ❤


  6. This is such a lovely feature and I loved Breeny’s post! This is so reassuring ahah and totally true as well! Not writing everyday shouldn’t make anyone less of a writer! We don’t apply ‘read everyday or you’re not a reader’ so it doesn’t make sense to do that for writers haha. Lovely post! ❤

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  7. Great advice, Breeny.

    I wholeheartedly agree: even when we can’t actively write every day, we can still engage creatively with the world around us, or within our own minds. I apply this to my craft when engaging with other people (say at an appointment or at a supermarket) and squirreling away their habits, gestures, and stories for later use. When listening to music (of any genre) I often find untold stories nestled within the notes and verses of the piece.

    However, because we’re all forgetful creatures (to some degree), I highly recommend always carrying a notepad (digital or paper) and remembering to scrawl down even the briefest of notes.

    My writing advice: Always carry a notepad and pen in your pocket or a digital equivalent. I prefer a pen and pad.

    Thanks for hosting this, Lia.

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