Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #3

It was a bit of a strange week, on some days I wrote a lot on some not at all. For those who (still) don’t know what it is, Camp NaNoWriMo is basically a smaller version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which you can set your own goal. For NaNoWriMo your goal is 50k, but for Camp NaNoWriMo I set my goal to 15k.

I have just finished the one-but-last chapter I was planning to write for Camp, and tomorrow and the day after I will write the last. It feels good to have so many words down already, but I feel I’m getting into the mid-month slump. Luckily, or sadly, depending on how you see it, I will only be participating for two more days. I’m going on vacation and won’t have my laptop with me.

I am really looking forward to going away and I plan on getting some more inspiration while I’m away and maybe add some minor storylines and add some character development, things like that! I think a small break from writing can really help me get inspired again! I will be writing (or at least try to) while I’m away, but that will be on paper. With an actual pen. Yeah, I guess I’ll see how that goes!



Day 1-2: 1,263 (total: 6,393)
Day 3-9: 5,702 (total: 12,095)
Day 10: 1,334
Day 11: 1,196
Day 12: 746
Day 13: 350
Day 14: 1,102
Day 15: 1,238
Day 16: 0 (total: 18,075)

My plan is to write about 1k on day 17 (tomorrow) and 1k on day 18 (the day after) and finish with a total word count of 20k!



“She was not vulnerable and she would never let herself be vulnerable again. That was the promise she had kept for herself for all those years, but today it shimmered through and she hated it. She hated herself because of it.”

“Most people didn’t like this type of weather, the grey kind, but he did. He liked grey. Contrasting to what most found, he didn’t find it boring at all. Grey was never boring.”

“He looked terrifying, with his skin as dark as night and the flames as bright as the sun, he formed a strange but dangerous contradiction. Contradictions were always dangerous, because you never knew which side would come out on top. Good or bad, light or dark. For Felton, it was both.”

“It all screamed rainbows and butterflies, but nothing ever was rainbows and butterflies. Unless you counted actual rainbows and butterflies, because those were.”


Aesthetics (from side characters)




Not yet named character


How is your writing going? Making any progress? What did you think of my snippets and aesthetics? How are you getting through the halfway-slump (or are you even having that problem?)?

14 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #3

  1. Ooh, Romee’s aesthetic has be so intrigued! I smiled throughout this whole post because 1) awesome word counts! 2) YOUR SNIPPETS ARE AMAZING AGHAGHHAGH, and 3) I just love your aesthetics gosh! I can’t wait to read more of your novel. ❤

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  2. I’m not participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but I plan to do my own version of it in August (there’s just too much going on right now!). Good job on getting those words in, and good luck for your 1k goals!

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  3. Great progress! I too am going on vacation, so I’m going to finish up my word count this week before I leave. I have about 8,500 words left to write (my goal was 50k). Good luck and have fun on vacation!

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  4. I love your aesthetics! And i hope you have a really nice trip and definitely come back refreshed. 😀 I tend to get exhausted too if I write for long periods of time. *sends you all the encouraging cake* GOOD LUCK!

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